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QB Matt Flynn Wraps Camp


Flynn: We've gotten used to each other. We've developed a lot of chemistry. I learned there's a big passion for the game from everyone, from the top to the bottom. I like this team and I like the work ethic. I've big expectations for us. 

Q: One way that it's different obviously in not necessarily a good way is that Veldheer is out. You've now had a few days to sort of absorb that, watch how guys are adjusting to it. What's been your observation to that?

Flynn: Obviously a very tough loss. Big core part of this team Jared was. There's going to be injuries on every team in the NFL and the mark of a good team is somebody being able to step up and not being able to notice too big of a difference. We've got a lot of guys working hard, working technique, getting more familiar with the guys playing next to him. That's part of training camp. The way the rotation goes, guys are rotating in and out. Now we have to get a chance for those guys to get comfortable with each other.

Q: There were some protection issues in the last game. Are you looking forward to getting back out there and getting those guys together a little more?

Flynn: There was a number of reasons there was protection breakdowns. It wasn't all offensive line. There's just things we have to clean up and that's what we're looking to do. WE want to clean those things up and execute a little bit better this week. That's what preseason is for and that's what it's all about.

Q: Do those protection issues make you change anything that you do out there?

Flynn: No, not at all. Just keep playing. Things are going to happen. Not every play is going to be a good play. This is a tough league to move the ball. You just have to keep doing what we're doing and we'll be all right.

Q: This third game is a longer stretch for the 1's. Do you think being able to get into more of a rhythm might help?

Flynn: Definitely. We had a chance to get into a rhythm last week, we just didn't. We didn't execute well enough. We really want to get into some longer drives this week and move the ball and just put on the game tape what we do every day in practice. We've been practicing well, I feel like. We just want to carry that over and get ourselves ready for Week 1.

Q: Did you recognize Pryor out there in No. 2?

Flynn: I did. I did a double-take though. His jersey was a little big for him though.

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