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Quick Hits: Bill Musgrave Zeroing In On Game 1 Against New Orleans


Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave

The Oakland Raiders are slated to faceoff against the Tennessee Titans this Saturday and Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave plans to use this game to keep developing the offense. While Musgrave remains focused on the preseason, he's keeping the Raiders first regular season game against the Saints in mind.

Here are the quick hits from Musgrave's time at the podium:

Musgrave stated the importance of using the preseason to prepare for the regular season.

"There's balance there, there's give and take. Yeah, you want to get something out of the preseason, but you also want to work on some technique to be ready for that opener, in our case down there in New Orleans. There's balance, there's a fine line, cord that we're trying to strike there. For all positions, not just quarterback, where guys can work on their techniques work on their craft. At the same time we want to have success out there and build some confidence."

He also expressed his delight to seeing undrafted rookie running back Jalen Richard back at practice.

"It's too bad he had a little knee injury the last couple weeks. There for a while he was doing something spectacular each and every day in practice, so it's good to have him back out there. It really reminded us of what we've missed the last two weeks, at practice with him not being there."

**With the Raiders set to play the Titans again in month, Musgrave spoke about being smart in the team's preparation for Saturday.


"It's unique, especially to play them so early. If we were playing them in November or December we'd probably just brush it under the rug. The fact that it's going to be so early in the season and in this game we really want it to be our dress rehearsal, and give our players a feel for what the regular season might be like. We just have to smart in a lot of different areas."

He's been pleased with the offense so far, but wants to get the team playing at a more consistent level.

"We've had a couple good plays here and there in Arizona and Green Bay, but we want to see more consistency, and take that next step toward facing New Orleans. Green Bay we turned the ball over, we don't want to that, we want to get back in some good ball security habits and play some winning type football."

The Raiders second-year offensive coordinator addressed quarterback Derek Carr's comments about taking chances in the preseason.

"Yeah I think that's just a part of the process of getting ready for the regular season. Like Derek said, that's something that all quarterbacks experience whether it's practice or preseason games, there's a little trial and error to those preseason examples. We just want to keep getting better each and every week so we can be peaking for New Orleans."

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