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Quick Hits: Carr Happy With The Team's Growth Through Camp


Quarterback Derek Carr

The Oakland Raiders officially concluded their last day of Training Camp at their Napa Valley facility. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr reflected on the team's development during their time at camp, and how the team as a unit can continue to progress.

Here are the highlights from his media session:

Carr's desire and determination to win is always the same, regardless of the circumstances.

"That's a tough question, because as a competitor, anytime you go into a game you want to win. That's hands down. Anytime I put a jersey on, my whole mindset is, 'what do I need to do to win?' And then, when you go out there and play 10 plays you're like, 'Man, there's nothing more I could do.' But, you always want to win, that's number one."

He stated the importance of watching film and being honest with the coaches.

"When you have the film you can just sit there and everyone can sit there and see absolutely everything. You don't have to ask that many questions. There's not a telephone game going down the line with what you saw and what he saw. When you have it like that, especially as a quarterback, you're looking at everything."

**Carr's positive enthusiasm and care for his teammates is always genuine.


"I'll tell you this, like 99.9 percent of the time, it's real. It really is. I just love people, I really do. I love being around people. I love, especially, being around my teammates, because those are the guys you have so many memories with and all those things. But there's a .1 percent of the time, seriously, where you wake up and your body hurts or something bad happened with a friend or family member or something like that and it bugs you, but you always have to remember who you are and what you stand for."

Training Camp is never easy, the team continues to grind and develop.

"I'll say this, camp is always a grind. Camp, no matter what, is always a grind. Obviously the two-a-days are different. It's a walk-through and those kinds of things, but it's always a grind physically and mentally, emotionally as we have all seen with everybody… This camp was a lot of fun to see our team grow."

Even though Raiders Training Camp is over in Napa, the dynamic remains the same going forward.

"The energy is always there. Obviously, we're not staying the night in the same rooms as each other. We're not around each other 24/7, but that's what camp and the offseason was for. To build that camaraderie Build all those things up. That's really the only thing that you're missing out on because you don't get 24 hours together, you just get a few."

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