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Quick Hits: Carr, Mack, Hudson Talk Returning For Offseason Workout Program


Defensive End Khalil Mack

The Oakland Raiders Offseason Workout Program commenced Monday morning at the team's facility in Alameda, Calif. Among those to attend the program were quarterback Derek Carr, reigning Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack, and Pro Bowl center Rodney Hudson, all of whom sat down with the media individually for a press conference.

All three of them touched on an array of topics, but the central theme was that they were excited to be reunited with their teammates.

Here are some of the best quotes from their time at the podium:

**Hudson is anxious to get to work.

An exclusive look at the Oakland Raiders as they arrive to the practice facility and begin the 2017 offseason workout program.


"Good to be back, good to see all the guys, just coming in and work hard. Focus on one day at a time and try to come together as a team. We're going to have some new guys, already, and with the draft and stuff. So just starting that process of building, building as a team and coming together."

The Raiders quarterback discussed the possibility of playing with running back Marshawn Lynch. "When he was here, I was here talking to him and all those things. He's one heck of a football player and I hope to play with him and those things, but again, I'm focused on the guys that are here today. I can't say, 'Oh man, I hope he gets here and all those things.' Of course, anyone would want Marshawn Lynch, any quarterback in the NFL."

Carr is focused on winning with who's currently on the team.

"I'm focused on who's here. I want to take this group and win the Super Bowl with this group that's here. And as we add pieces we'll hug them up and bring them in just as a family, and treat them the same way we do with all of our other teammates."

No. 4 shared why he's excited about the addition of tight end Jared Cook.

"His versatility because he can block, which is kind of underrated, but he's also very fast. To have that speed at tight end, to pair him in groups with Lee [Smith], to pair him in groupings with Clive [Walford], to pair him in groupings with all of our backs and full backs, it's just going to create mismatches."

**Mack on winning Defensive Player of the Year and making the playoffs.


"That was the motivation I needed this offseason. It only hyped me, everything, from preparation to work out and just knowing everything you can get better at."

His thoughts on a potential contract extension.

"You have agents and those types of people to worry about for you. That's the whole point with us for sure. You can talk about it here and there, the focus really comes down to winning ball games and grinding with your teammates and brothers and making this experience worth a lifetime."

Mack talked about the bond formed by the 2014 draft class and their will to win.

"Derek was the one, he looked at all of us [and said], "Man, we gotta change the culture." It's just one of those things where you felt it, you felt it, you felt it could change and it just started with new things then and turned into bigger things now."

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