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Quick Hits: David Amerson Discusses His Contract Extension


Cornerback David Amerson

Oakland Raiders cornerback David Amerson signed a four year extension with the team Tuesday afternoon. After joining the team, prior to week three, Amerson was statistically one of the best cornerbacks in the league in 2015 and he figures to be a part of a young core for years to come.

Here are the quick hits from his conference call following the signing of his deal:

Amerson has acknowledged how things in Washington were a bit murky, but if he had another chance he would make sure it wasn't wasted.

"Once I got released from Washington, it might have clouded up a little bit, but I always knew that I had the ability to be mentioned with some of the elite corners in the league or get to that point. I had my mind set once I got my opportunity I was going to take full advantage of it and let everything else take care of itself."

After being waived by the Washington Redskins, a change in scenery was a refreshing reminder of what was necessary for him to succeed.

"It wasn't really rocket science for me, to be honest with you. Once I got here, I matured. I came in the league and I was 21 years old. Not saying I'm much older now, but three years, I'm 24 now, I've learned a lot in three years. I just think when I got here, I was in the right mindset. I was in the right mindset and the right maturity level and professionalism. I was taking that transition of becoming a professional. I think it worked out for the best."

One of the changes Amerson noted was his work ethic. Changing some of the little things had an impact on the bigger picture.

"I think, compared to when I was in Washington, instead of going home and playing video games all night and stuff like that, it was a much different approach. I was going home and I was in my playbook or watching the film or looking at my notes on whatever team we were playing that week – just the little stuff. It's really just the little stuff. That's what football is; it's a game of inches. It just gave me that extra beat that I needed on Sunday to make plays out there."

The approval and encouragement of his former teammates reassured Amerson's own personal confidence in his craft and what he is capable of.

"To be honest with you, I don't think any of the guys were surprised. I know once I got released, a lot of the guys that I knew or that I talked to once it happened were just shocked. They were saying things like, 'Yeah man, go somewhere else and make the Pro Bowl. You know you can play.' Just giving me that sense of encouragement. Like I said, I don't think there was ever a doubt in my peers' eyes that I could play. It's just a fact of putting it all together. I just figured out what works for me and how I can be the best professional that I can be.

Being immersed in an environment with coaches that supported him, and a scheme that worked, enabled him to flourish in the Raiders' system.

"I think it was a self-check with myself, and coming over here and being with coaches like [assistant defensive backs coach] Rod Woodson and 'M-Rob' [defense backs coach Marcus Robertson] and coach [defensive coordinator Ken] Norton, Jr., [Head] Coach Jack Del Rio. All those guys played big in my development as a player. Definitely, the scheme, I think our scheme, especially last year was more, you know what we're in, beat it, type of stuff. So, it really made you go out there and play fast and just play football. I remember when I got here the third game and I barely knew the plays. We're breaking the huddle, I'm asking the guys, 'What coverage is this? What do I got on this play?' But, I was still able to go out there and compete and play fast football."

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