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Quick Hits: Del Rio Talks Play Of Veteran Leaders On The Team


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

The Oakland Raiders completed their first victory of their two-game road trip in Florida, with a 33-16 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team will spend the remainder of its time in the sunshine state getting ready for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio talked with reporters today about facing the Bucs' potent offense, and how the team will prepare.

Here are the quick hits from his media session:

**Del Rio discussed the variety of weapons Tampa Bay has on offense, and noted their success.


"Yeah, he's a really good football player. They target him a lot. It's one of many challenges this week as you're studying this football team. They're running the ball really well. Mike is playing big for them. Obviously, Jameis is a really good football player. We have a good group. I think maybe we expect to see Doug [Martin], him coming back potentially. The other back is playing really well anyway, all the backs. We have our challenges on that side."

He commended the offensive line for their performance this year, but particularly veteran tackle Donald Penn.

"The O-line is playing well. He's doing a nice job for us. I think when you look at him, anybody like that, any veteran that has played a number of years, they typically take care of their bodies, typically are tough guys that know how to compete and find a way to preserve over the years no matter what it is. Different things come up. We saw great examples last year with Charles Woodson doing that type of thing. Not putting Donald in that category, I'm just saying the guys that play a long time tend to do the same things. They're doing the right things – technique sound, battling tough and working really hard."

Del Rio shared his thoughts on punter Marquette King's growth and development over the last couple years.

"I think [special teams coordinator] coach [Brad] Seely and [assistant special teams coach] Tracy Smith have done a great job of working with him and developing him. He's part of a real strong group for us. With 'Seabass' [Sebastian Janikowski] and [Jon] Condo and Marquette, I feel like we have three really good guys at that position playing that special teams role for us. Great to see Marquette, birthday boy as well today, so you guys can ask him about that, turning 28 and getting special teams player of the week. Pretty big week for him."

He talked about how veteran safety Reggie Nelson is contributing, and wants him to continue to be himself.

"Just continue to be himself. We're really happy about adding Reggie. He's going to get his turnovers. He led the league last year. He's going to be around the ball and continue to do his thing. Tackling well, being a leader back there for us and just continue to play good football."

The Raiders second-year head coach shared that it's nice the team can practice in Florida for the week, as opposed to travelling back-and-forth.

"I think the biggest thing is we don't have to fly back and forth. For us, mainly as far as being here and acclimated, I don't know that you ever acclimate in as short a time as we're here. We understand what we're up against. We traveled to Tennessee before and played in similar conditions in terms of heat and humidity."

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