Quick Hits: Derek Carr Appears On Air With Colin Cowherd


Quarterback Derek Carr

Thursday afternoon, Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr chimed in on the air with Colin Cowherd to talk about his injury, and some players he's tried to emulate throughout his career. Although it's the offseason, the Silver and Black signal-caller is determined to coming back stronger and ready for next season.

Here are the quick hits from his time on The Herd:

Carr talked briefly about his recovery and how his healing process is going.

"I'm actually in the middle of my treatment right now, we're working, we're getting there, I'll be ready to go real soon."

He shared that regardless of an injury or whatever the score is, he just wants to compete.

"In hindsight, looking back I obviously didn't know I'd break my ankle, but you think, 'what if I did, what if I didn't,' but I had to stop myself. As a competitor, man, every time I go out there on the field; I've been blessed to play this game. Whether we're up by 20 or down by 20, I've been down a lot in my career, especially early on, I always just want to be out there."

No. 4 broke down the play of some elite quarterbacks and how he tried to emulate their game.

"I think the one thing when I was in college, I would always watch Aaron Rodgers. I obviously tried to make my game like his. Getting the ball out quick, with a quick release, extending plays, just making those wild throw kind of deals. Then the way Peyton [Manning] controlled the line of scrimmage, I tried to emulate that and the way he ran the show at the line. With Tom [Brady] it was his competitive drive, the fire in him, it was okay for a quarterback to yell and get excited, and head-butt his teammates and stuff like that. I didn't want to just follow one guy, I wanted to get something that I thought was the best quality that they all had."

Carr discussed what it was like being unable to be with his teammates the final weeks of the season.

"It was very hard on me because not only do I feel like I'm blessed to play this game, not only do I love all my teammates, my coaches and all those things, I just love playing football. Ever since I was a kid, as I got better and as I got stronger I began to fall in love with the game. When I'd have to sit there on my couch, the other part was not being able to go to games, that was awful because I was sitting on my couch thinking, 'Oh maybe if we go to the Super Bowl I'd be able to hobble out there.' The hardest part for me was sitting there."

The full video from Carr's interview can be viewed below.

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