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Quick Hits: Derek Carr Breaks Down His Leadership Style


Quarterback Derek Carr

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was back at the team's Alameda, Calif. facility Thursday, and prior to practice he talked with the media about the team's upcoming game in Mexico City. Carr discussed his expectations for the crowd, and how he's preparing for the change in elevation. He also shared his thoughts on his leadership style, and his relationship with the rest of his team. The Fresno State-product has been highly productive in his third year, and will have an opportunity to continue that trend on Monday Night Football.

Here are the quick hits from his media session:

**Carr expressed his gratitude to Jon Gruden for sharing his wisdom, and what he's meant to No. 4 since coming out of college.


"Coach [Jon] Gruden has been great to me ever since I went to the Gruden camp coming out and spending that day with him which was awesome and we've kept in contact ever since. I saw him last year after the season and he's just such a cool guy to talk to. Coming from him, someone who's won a Super Bowl, has led teams and is such a great coach, that means a lot to me."

He shared his thoughts on playing in Mexico City, and if he expects the crowd noise to be similar to away games.

"Yeah, you approach it that way because you never know. Never played a game there. I know that when we played at Wembley [Stadium], at Wembley my rookie year, it was that same kind of way. You approach it that way, so whenever it's a neutral site you just never know which way it could go. Hopefully it will just be filled with Raider fans and we'll be good to go."

The third-year signal-caller talked about playing in a different climates and how he'll prepare.

"To be completely honest, any time you deal with elevation, it's just hydrate and everyone knows that. I've been told that since I was in high school and we were traveling up 300 feet. 'You got to hydrate,' and those kind of things. That's just one of the number one things, hydration is key and you just try and hydrate really well. It's definitely a game, if any, you don't want to go into not hydrated."

**Carr broke down his leadership style, and what makes him able to communicate with his teammates effectively.


"I'm just myself. I just really am. I thank God that I'm able to come into a room and guys will respond to anything I have to say and I think that has a lot to do with how they see me work, how they see me go about my business and those kinds of things. You can't say one thing or try and get something out of another guy if you're not doing it yourself. I'm just thankful that we have a good group of guys that trust in me, but we also have a big room of guys of a lot of leaders."

He praised the offensive line for their continued strong efforts this season.

"I tell those guys all the time, if you win, we win. I tell them before the game: you win, we win. They love that. They want to put it on them. My goodness, look at Austin Howard walking this way. I wouldn't want to be in the way of that, just being honest. I'd give him everything I got, though. I think that when your offensive line can do certain things, protect the quarterback, create running lanes, create blocks downfield for receivers, that inspires everybody."

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