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Quick Hits: Head Coach Jack Del Rio Discusses Loss To Atlanta Falcons


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

The Oakland Raiders suffered a loss Sunday, as they gave up 35 points to the Atlanta Falcons. Following the team's loss, Head Coach Jack Del Rio was back at the Alameda, Calif. facility to discuss what needs to be corrected. He made it clear that the team won't make excuses and said, "We'll take our medicine and move on."

Here are the quick hits from Del Rio's press conference:

The Raiders second-year head coach shared his thoughts on the three phases.

"Yesterday I said, 'I seek to win two out of three phases each week,' typically will add up to a win. We didn't get that done yesterday, so we didn't get it done yesterday. You get the win you get to 2-0, anyway we made our corrections as a staff, [and] we'll look forward to meeting with our guys tomorrow. Moving on to next week."

Del Rio talked about how to find a solution on defense.

"Simply demand it. Find out the why. Make sure that we're teaching. I think all good staffs pride themselves on being good teachers. It's not a lack of effort. Guys are giving great effort. They're trying really hard, but we need to get to the bottom of why are the eyes aren't where they need to be so that we can just play together."

He discussed rookie safety Karl Joseph and when he will be implemented into the game plan.

"I really believed that he should have got in the game yesterday. We'll make sure that he gets in the game going forward. I think it's time to see Karl. Yeah, I think that's a fair question to ask. I think you can anticipate him getting some action this week…Well, he's had a little time to continue to develop himself, physically and mentally. He's been working hard."

Del Rio acknowledged the talent of rookie linebacker Cory James.

"I would like to see Cory. I think both of those guys are guys coming out of the game that in my opinion, because we played during camp and it was close, there was competition, those guys were involved in competition and we elected to go the other way. But, I think if you don't make plays, and you're in there, you leave the door open for other guys to get opportunities to play. At the end of the day, we're just looking for production."

He is pleased with running back Latavius Murray's production so far.

"He played well. He played well. I think Latavius was doing a nice job. I think the offense in general was doing a nice job. The O-line opened holes and him being physical with his running. Yeah, I think it's a really good start. The first couple weeks, I think the way he's run the ball in there with authority has been a good thing for us."

The coaching staff will discuss the decision to go for the first down on 4th and 2.

"That's certainly something that we asked as a staff, you know? Do we have the right guy in there for that situation? We like them all, but we got a couple hammerheads that might have been a little better, between 'Maze' [Jamize Olawale] and Latavius. We come out of there saying, 'We'd like to have that one back.'"

Del Rio expressed his support of defensive end Khalil Mack and believes he'll be fine.

"No, I think Khalil is going to be fine. Just keep being himself, keep expressing himself. He's a good football player. Sacks, fumbles and interceptions come in bunches. We've got a couple here and there but we'll make our mark."

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