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Quick Hits: Head Coach Jack Del Rio Talks David Amerson, Progression of Connor Cook


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

Following Sunday's practice, Head Coach Jack Del Rio addressed the assembled media at the Oakland Raiders' Napa Valley Training Complex.

During his time at the podium, he addressed the scuffles that occurred during Saturday's practice, as well as his thoughts about the progression of rookie quarterback Connor Cook.

Here are the highlights from his session.

Head Coach Del Rio shared his thoughts on the week's work.

"It was excellent, excellent week, really a good start to camp. We have our first game quickly approaching. That'll be great. Once the games get here it really starts to fly. Really good work."

He also took the time to address the skirmishes that occurred during Saturday's practice.

"A couple of guys got ejected from practice. I just didn't think they were prepared to do the things that we need to do to help our team continue to work, and they were both talked to, and understand that's not how we do things. That's not what we're looking for. We basically handled that and put it to rest, and they're both going to be fine."

Del Rio believes cornerback David Amerson has put together a quality Training Camp 2016 thus far.

"David's been very consistent with us here, with the Raiders. He's a good, young player that fit right in with us. I think he's spoken to some of the things that he felt he was facing, and why he did or not play at a certain level, but he's been great for us, continues to be great for us. He works hard every day and he's been a good teammate."

Rookie quarterback Connor Cook is progressing with each passing practice.

"I think you can see it, right? Any young player at that position is going to come in, it's a lot of volume. It's a lot of information to process. I think you can see each and every day he's becoming more and more comfortable, and he's doing a great job being a teammate, working within the group. [Quarterbacks coach] Todd Downing, I think, does a super job with the quarterbacks. Derek [Carr] and Matt [McGloin] are both very supportive guys, so it's a good room. We like the way he's working."

Del Rio also spoke about veteran wide receiver Michael Crabtree and his approach to the game.

"Michael, he's been the same guy since Day 1 of arriving last offseason. He's been terrific. He's come in, been a really good teammate, he's a great leader in the locker room for us. He comes out here and he works hard every day, he's got unbelievable hands, he's got an understanding of how to get open in this league and how to make plays. Quarterbacks consider him very friendly, because you know, Michael knows what to do, he's very reliable and has really good hands. So, he's doing his thing."

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