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Quick Hits: Musgrave Discusses Offense Starting Games Faster


Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave

The Oakland Raiders are nearing their Week 3 matchup against the Tennessee Titans, and offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave took the podium to talk about the team's preparation. The Silver and Black have been one of the most successful offenses in the NFL through two weeks, but Musgrave is focused on continuing to develop his unit.

Here are the quick hits from his time with the media:

Musgrave spoke about the qualities he's been pleased with on offense, but remains determined to improve.

"Well, we're still working at. The O-line was working at knowing each other better because we have new guys in new spots and we've had some injuries. We're going to continue to work at it and hope to see some more improvement."

He discussed his desire to get the offense started quicker and play with a lead.

"I don't think we started as fast as we wanted to these first couple of games. We want to get out there and play from the lead. We just want to be more consistent. Our goal is to score every time we touch the football. That's our goal so we can enjoy the victory at the end of the day on Sunday. We're going to keep working to that end."

After failing to convert on fourth and two, Musgrave still supports his decision and his confidence in the running backs.

"We have confidence in all our backs. That play is over. That play had a chance to be successful but it didn't work out. We called it because we thought it would work and we thought we would get it. All of our backs are doing a terrific job, Jamize and Latavius included. We're going to be in that position again and we hope to convert next time."

Musgrave shared his thoughts on running back Latavius Murray's improvement from last season to this season.

"Well he's definitely catching the ball a lot better. He caught it well last year, but he's really worked on his hands in the offseason. I mean every single day, he really worked hard at it. I think just the familiarity of knowing our concepts and getting more turns at running the running plays, running the pass routes. He's really started fast this year and we've really enjoyed what he's brought."

He talked about quarterback Derek Carr's progression and his ability to throw the football accurately.

"I think mechanically, [quarterbacks] coach [Todd] Downing is continually working on foot work with all the quarterbacks and that's where throwing starts, with your foundation. But Derek is talented enough to be accurate when he has his foundation and also when he doesn't."

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