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Quick Hits: Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave Talks Running The Ball


Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave

Just three days away from their matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, the Oakland Raiders continued to prepare on Thursday for the approaching matchup. Raiders offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave spoke with the local media after walk-through to discuss the Silver and Black's offense, the ground game in particular. Running the ball has been a point of emphasis and with a solid core of players in the backfield Musgrave shared some of their attributes.

Here are the quick hits from his media session:

**Musgrave talked about how the team can be successful on the road.


"Well the players and shoot, the position coaches put in a lot of work during the week. We try to simulate the crowd noise, so it's not a complete surprise on game day, but it's a tough deal going into someone else's stadium. Our guys are really getting better at it each and every time we go on the road. We work hard at it. We much prefer to be in front of our own crowd, but we're hoping to get even better than we have been these first two games in Baltimore."

He shared how the team has been able to be productive running the ball.

"They're rugged. They're a physical front. They're playing both the run and the pass well. We want to keep getting better on our side, line of scrimmage. We're really focused on what we do, getting better at running the ball and being balanced. Had a good start, but there's definitely a lot to build upon."

Musgrave discussed how the offensive line has played and their demeanor on the field.

"Well, I don't think any of our guys are as you described. They're not nice. They may be polite. They're gentlemen. They're professional, but across the board from Donald Penn to 'Rod' [Rodney] Hudson, our guys are physical and they're like Kelechi, so Kelechi fits right in with those guys. Nasty, and one thing they all hold in common, especially Rod Hudson who really drives that unit, he's extremely bright. The toughness, he's tough as all get out, both mentally and physically, but he's extremely bright."

He also broke down the similarities and differences between rookie running backs Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington.

"They are similar in stature. I think both of them can run just about any concept. They're good inside, good outside. We love throwing the football to them because they have good hands and then they can make people miss. They might have some subtle differences, but we're just two or three games in with them and we're going to continue to learn about each of them."

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