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Quick Hits: Quarterback Derek Carr Shares What It's Like To Be Back In The Huddle


Quarterback Derek Carr

After breaking his fibula in Week 16 against the Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is healthy once again, and back where he belongs, commanding the team's offense. The former Fresno State Bulldog continued to develop a rapport with new acquisitions running back Marshawn Lynch, tight end Jared Cook, and wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson during the first day of practice in Napa, Calif.

Once the team wrapped up for the day, Carr made his way over to the media area, and talked with reporters about being back at training camp.

Here are the quick hits from his time at the stand:

Carr discussed how the team is handling the expectations and buzz surrounding the group.

"We have a lot more work to do to be a better football team, so I understand the excitement of the people we have, but I don't understand the excitement of how we finished so far. We need to do a better job there, and I think that's what keeps our team focused. One day when we reach our goal we'll look at it and say, 'well that was cool. Now we know how to do it.' So [I'm] always looking forward to that."

He expressed what it means to him to have the Raider alumni to come watch practice, and support the team.

"Whenever you get the legends that used to play here, that laid the foundation, that put a legacy out there that gave us goals that we want to achieve; when those guys show up, obviously Willie Brown is here every day, Rod Woodson, all those guys, but when you get a group of them, and they begin to hear them tell stories, and you get to hear how they practiced, and you begin to hear about their times in the locker room, or in the meal room, it's those things that bring it all to life."

Carr elaborated on what it was like to learn from former Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson, and observe his work ethic.

"When I was six I used to practice the one-handed interception on the sideline [like] he did with Michigan. I still act like I'm him when I'm returning kick offs, which [head] coach [Jack Del Rio] didn't like too much. 'C-Wood', the way that he prepared, the way that he worked, not only was he one of my favorites, but I got to see it in person which made me even more of a fan."

**He emphasized how his familiarity with new Offensive Coordinator Todd Downing will help the offense flourish.


"I think that is the part that is helping us grow. Whenever you have turnover every year, like some of my friends they get new coordinators every year, and that's tough, man. [Because] you have to not only learn a new terminology, but then you have to be like a coach on the field, and it's your first time doing it. This is not my first time in the offense, it's not my first time saying these plays, I don't lose as much sleep the night before making sure I say the play right for the first time."

No. 4 reflected on his injury suffered last season, and what it felt like to be back in the huddle Saturday.

"When I broke my ankle, I just couldn't wait to get back out there with my teammates. Being in the huddle for the first time was really cool, not going to lie, it was like a cool feeling to be back with my guys. Cause there's nothing like going to battle with those guys, you know, and playing with them. Obviously, all the work we do in there [the weight room], out here [the field], when you get to play again it's a good feeling, so I'm just thankful to be back."

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