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Quick Hits: Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio Looks Ahead For Denver Broncos


Head Coach Jack Del Rio

One more win and the Oakland Raiders clinch the AFC West for the first time in 14 years. Heading into the team's Week 17 matchup, Head Coach Jack Del Rio spoke with the media Wednesday afternoon about preparing for the Denver Broncos. He acknowledged the current quarterback situation, but continued to emphasize that the team will remain focused on its goal.

Here are the quick hits from his media session:

Del Rio talked about what it's like for the team to hold its own destiny in its hands and to be so close to division champions.

"We love the fact that kind of adhering to our process and just taking it one at a time, we've been able to stack up enough to be in contention. Now we need to close the weekend out right. We have a great opportunity. We have a group of guys that are really fired up about a lot of things. About taking care of our business and taking advantage of this opportunity and bringing home an AFC West Division Title. That's what we started the year as our number one goal, and it remains our number one goal."

He discussed how quarterback Matt McGloin is handling the pressure of starting in Week 17 and that he'll be ready.

"Well, we haven't spent a lot of time talking about that. It's really, for him… What little bit I've said thus far is be yourself. Be who you are. Make your plays. Let us all do our jobs around you. You don't have to put the world on your shoulders. It's not your responsibility. We ask everybody to do their job. Understand what your role is and get that done for us. It's no different for him."

Del Rio shared that regardless of who it is, the team continues to rally around one another and help each other out.

"I think that's natural. I think we all as teammates, as coaches, we all do what's best for the team. Doing your job and taking care of your business is really how you can really do the most for anybody. It's pretty much business as usual, it's just a little different flavor to it. The things you can control is your effort, your energy, your focus. That's what we ask each guy."

The Raiders second-year Head Coach broke down how the team will manage quarterback Connor Cook's reps going forward.

"Fortunately, I have a really good quarterback coach that can worry about that. (laughing) Todd [Downing] does a great job with the group. That preparing in that backup capacity has been the case all year. It doesn't greatly alter right now. I think the urgency picks up maybe for him, but the things that we've been coaching and stressing and talking to him about every week as we've been growing that group, that position group, I think that remains very much the same."

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