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Quick Hits: Raiders Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave Preps For Broncos


Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave

The Oakland Raiders quarterback position will feature a new face for the time being, as Matt McGloin is now the starter after the injury suffered the Derek Carr. Offensive coordinator Bill Musgravespoke with reporters Thursday afternoon about McGloin's preparation for the Broncos, as well as the Raiders offense in general.

Here are the quick hits from Musgrave's presser prior to practice on Thursday:

The Raiders offensive coordinator reflected on his time as a backup quarterback, and elaborated on what McGloin is experiencing.

"A little bit, but it's been a long time. I'm trying to think back that long. It's a great opportunity for him. Even as a backup, you definitely have the butterflies. You prepare like you're playing, and then a lot of times you don't get to exercise those butterflies on game day. This week, he's going to get to. He's going to get a chance to go out there and cut it loose and immerse himself in the ball game, which is really what all players live for."

He praised rookie running back DeAndré Washington for his performance against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday.

"He definitely exploded. The quickness and dynamic speed that he showed, we definitely needed it. It was fun. He got the hot hand, and we just kept riding him. It was great. He's done a nice job. He wasn't active due to the numbers, only dressing 46 guys. Then when Karl [Joseph] hurt his toe a little bit and then special teams came into play. There were a number of factors on who you dress and who the 46 guys are that get a uniform. It's great to have him out there, and he's really contributing, obviously."

Musgrave talked about what stands out about McGloin, and his passion for the game of football.

"Similar attributes; fiery, passionate, competitive, can really throw. Sees things before they happen. Great instincts – he's played a lot of football. He belongs here. We're glad he's part of our team for sure."

**He said No. 14 has been observant during his time on the sideline and thinks the offense will continue to have a balanced approach.


"I think Matt has paid attention to all the 15 games we've had previously. We're hoping to be able to run against each and every opponent, but we'd love to replicate what we've done the last four weeks, especially that Sunday night. Love to be able to stay balanced, that's the best way to attack each and every defense we see."

Musgrave stated that center Rodney Hudson's role on the team is just as significant when it comes to executing the offense.

"Probably not bigger, but equally as important. Matt is in all of the meetings. Matt goes through all of the simulations that we do and the meetings on the field, the standup meetings, the sit-down meetings. He and Rodney already have a super rapport, just as Derek has with Rodney, too. It should be seamless, fortunately."

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