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Quick Hits: Reggie McKenzie Talks With J.T. The Brick On 95.7 The Game


General Manager Reggie McKenzie

We're not even in mid-February, and the Oakland Raiders have already been fairly productive this offseason. The team's General Manager Reggie McKenzie was on 95.7 The Game Thursday afternoon to chat with radio host J.T. the Brick about some of the team's recent hiring's. He also shared his excitement regarding one particular player's achievement over Super Bowl weekend.

Here are the quick hits from his time on the air:

McKenzie expressed his joy to see defensive end Khalil Mack be awarded the AP Defensive Player of the Year.

"That was great; it's a testament to his work ethic, and the guys around him. In his mind it's a team award, and he was excited to get it. He was very honored. I was there, and it was a proud moment for Raider Nation."

The Raiders GM discussed linebacker Aldon Smith's suspension, and what he expects to transpire in the coming weeks.

"It's still the same, he's still on the suspension list, and will be revisited in March by Commissioner [Roger] Goodell. We're still waiting until he signs off on it, so nothing's changed in that regard. He's still on that suspension list until noted otherwise, and as far as patience being tested, it is what it is. We knew he was on the list and it's up to the Commissioner to reinstate him, so if no one told us he was going to get reinstated… it's all a process."

**He talked about the team's coaching staff, and the confidence they have moving forward.

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"I think the coaching staff is going to continue to gel together, we pretty much have everyone else in place. As you said, we recently added coach [John] Pagano, and with a very good track record that he brings, heard nothing but great things about him. We think that will be a good addition and [offensive coordinator] Todd [Downing] is a great young talent that we can't wait to see him take over the helm on the offensive side. We're excited about what's to come, and we're ready to continue to improve."

McKenzie gave a shout out to Raider Nation, and shared what lies in store for the upcoming season.

"Raider Nation, we're back. We're excited to continue to improve upon what we've already put out there. What we embark on this year, we're not going to catch anybody blindsided. They're going to see us coming, and we're just going to let them know we're coming, on both sides of the ball, as well as special teams. We're going to work hard to get better each and every day, starting with the combine that's coming up shortly. Be ready for it Raider Nation to be out there full force to support us."

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