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Quick Hits: Tackle Marshall Newhouse Talks Raiders Coaching Staff On SiriusXM NFL Radio


Tackle Marshall Newhouse

The Oakland Raiders had one of the best offensive lines in the NFL a season ago, and during free agency this year, the team added tackle Marshall Newhouse to its already dominant front. Newhouse hasn't been on the team for more than two months, but seems to be meshing well with his new teammates.

Thursday afternoon, Newhouse appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio with football minds John Clayton and Pat Kirwan to discuss the Silver and Black's upcoming season.

Here are the quick hits from his time on the air:

Newhouse discussed what went into his decision to join the Raiders this offseason.

"In the free agent process, you had kind of seen around the league, you kind of keep notes on guys, and as a team you had seen how on the rise the Raiders were, as an offense even more so, and as an offensive line even more than that. So, the opportunity to come with Coach Mike Tice and play with guys like Gabe Jackson, young good players, Rodney Hudson, Kelechi [Osemele], and Donald [Penn], it was just something that really intrigued me, and I think it'll make me better in the long run."

He talked about what running back Marshawn Lynch brings to the table.

"Just the edge he brings to the run game. People can kind of speculate now on him missing a year and what he has left in the tank, but I have nothing but the utmost confidence that he's going to bring his A-game that we've all come to know and love, and appreciate, to this offense, which is a deadly combination."

Newhouse praised quarterback Derek Carr for his ability to extend plays.

"He's very disciplined in the pocket, if the play says where he's supposed to be he does that, but he's also got the ability if things break down to make a play, and we're going to be ready for that. So far he's been very consistent with his drop backs and his set up points."

He broke down Head Coach Jack Del Rio's approach, and what he's preached this offseason.


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"I don't think there's been a lot of tempering, but it's more so just perspective, and keeping what's in front of us, in front of us. There is no Super Bowl no matter who you are, how talent you are, without the proper kind of work and the approach to practice, and meetings, and getting a team together. So, I think he's preached that from the beginning."

Newhouse touched on offensive line coach Mike Tice's coaching style.

"He's very straight forward, he puts things out there in the open, and he's not hesitant about it. Some coaches you might say will kind of pull punches, it's not that he's being purposely harsh, but he's just being very honest with guys about where there position is, and what they need to do to maybe jump a position, or change a position, or change their role in the offense. And especially in our line we respect that."

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