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Quote Sheet: Oakland Raiders 35 Carolina Panthers 32


Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree

Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio

Opening Statement:"What a great victory here at home against a really good football team. Ron Rivera, Mike Shula, a bunch of guys on that staff. It's a really good team. We knew we'd get their very best. Just proud of our guys for hanging in there and finding a way. That's been the theme for us this year. The first half was really good. The third quarter was really tough and then we came back and finished and won the game. Really proud of our guys for keeping their poise and staying with it, and making enough plays to win today against a really good football team. Questions?"

Q: What's the status on Derek Carr's finger?

Coach Del Rio: "Status… he jammed it on that snap. He was able to return. Went and got X-Rays and made sure it wasn't anything significant and it wasn't, so we think he's going to be OK. He came back and played and obviously helped us win the game, so it's a welcomed sight."

**Q: Was this the first ever shot gun victory for the team?


Coach Del Rio: "Maybe not, you see a few of those in college where they don't know how to take a snap. We did what we had to do with the snap, obviously. Not having him under center after aggravating that."

Q: What did you think of Khalil Mack's performance?

Coach Del Rio: "He's a really good football player. That's what I've been saying. Earlier in the year there was discussion about what about his numbers and I said, you know what I said. I think you were there. He's going to get his numbers. He's a good football player and he brings great energy every day. He's a wonderful teammate. He's a talented guy that works his tail off. Those guys tend to get their numbers." 

Q: What's the feeling on the sideline during a close game? Is there a feeling of confidence that you'll somehow find a way?

Coach Del Rio: "I thought we had that late. I thought there was a stretch there where as things were kind of unraveling a little bit. That third quarter there was three, four possessions by them in a row and we weren't moving it and I actually tried to make sure to say, 'Hey, let's remember if we keep fighting and we keep believing and we'll go from there. Then whatever happens, we can deal with.' I thought we snapped out of that and got our energy back and continued to fight and then found a way."

Q: When Carr went to the locker room did you know he was going to come back or was it a question?

Coach Del Rio: "Before they ran the test there was no way I could know anything."

Q: When did you know he came back out?

Coach Del Rio: "When the crowd started to roar. It was a roar too, so I knew it was good. It's only No. 4. It's either [Charles] Woodson and he's in the booth now or it's Derek Carr [laughing]. Maybe Khalil Mack, but I saw Khalil."

Q: Did you know Mack had those kinds of hands?

Coach Del Rio: "Absolutely. Yeah, he's got good hands. He can throw it, too. He can do just about anything that he wants, really." 

Q: Was there a sense of relief when Carr came back?

Coach Del Rio: "Oh, for sure. For sure there was. Obviously, he's our leader, one of them, and he's a heck of a football player. For him to come back, it certainly gave us a lift and then he played well and made plays to help us come back and win."

Q: Was there a specific point when you knew you were back in the game?

Coach Del Rio: "No. I thought it was a gradual thing. I didn't know if it was any one moment in the game. There was a point and we kind of collected ourselves and rode it out. It's a really good football team. You have to remember that. I think that can get lost. It's a really good football team. Ron Rivera does a great job with their team. They've won a lot of football games over the last several years. It's a proud group and we got their best effort."

Q: Was Carr's interception connected to his injury?

Coach Del Rio: "I don't think so."

**Q: Can you talk about Michael Crabtree's performance? It seems like whenever you need a big play, Crabtree is there for the team.


Coach Del Rio: "Yeah, Michael has been really good for us. He's done that for us really the whole time he's been here. He's been really reliable. He's been a great teammate. He's come in here and there were questions about some of those things when he got here and I still don't understand why because he's been great for us. We're certainly glad we have him. He's one of our playmakers. One of our guys we know we can go to in tough situations and he's going to find a way. He played big for us today."

Q: What did you think of Crabtree's 49-yard catch with pass interference?

Coach Del Rio: "Yeah, I mean that's another example of it, making a great play. He got behind the guy, came back for that ball and found a way with his helmet getting knocked off, the whole bit of being interfered with and he came down with that ball. That's typical Crab."

Q: Has this team developed into one that won't accept an excuse?

Coach Del Rio: "I believe that and we're not going to accept excuses. If it didn't finish the way it did, I wouldn't be up here giving you any. I think you know that about me. We're going to man up. It was a tough set of circumstances, OK, but my belief is you know whine about it. You go to work. You do the best you can in the situation you find yourself in and as a football team, that's how we're going to do it. We bounced back, we did all of those things and found a way to battle and won the game. You know what, we're going to get ready for Buffalo. It's going to be a heck of a game there. It's going to be a tough opponent. That's what we're going to do. That's how we're going to do it."

Q: Can you talk about Seth Roberts performance?

Coach Del Rio: "The reason I talk about them as a group is because they do so many things selflessly. Like a key block. Last week when Coop [Amari Cooper] takes off on that touchdown, that's Seth making that key block right there. When you see Latavius [Murray] pop on one of those runs, you might see Seth in there making the key blocks. It goes beyond having stats on the stat sheet and receptions and yards and touchdowns. Certainly, that two-point play was about as big of a play as we had in the game and Seth came up huge for us there."

Q: Do you pause to reflect on having a winning record right now?

Coach Del Rio: "Not really. No, I think we have work to do. We just want to keep stacking up wins as best we can and then prove as a team the best we can. I think you saw glimpses today in the first half of what we think we can be as a complete team. The whole idea is to stay in that. It can't be for a half. It can't be for three quarters. It has to be 60 minutes. That's what we're fighting for and we're going to keep fighting for. Certainly it's a great thing to be 9-2 right now after 11 games that's what we've earned, but we're going to focus on the work in front of us." 

Q: Are you guys still peeling back layers of the offense to show everything you have?

Coach Del Rio: "Well, I don't think we are, in terms of holding it back. I think you're seeing a lot of different dimensions that we can bring. I think there are a lot of different people that can contribute. We're not fixated on one guy has to do it. I think it's free flowing. I think we understand we have a lot of playmakers that we want to get involved that [offensive coordinator] Bill [Musgrave] and the staff do a great job of designing things to get a lot of different people involved. Derek will throw it to any of them. He believes in whoever is on the field. Johnny Holton makes a nice play today. From Johnny [Holton] to Crab to Coop and whoever's in between, he'll throw it to any of them." 

Q: Is there something special about this win?

Coach Del Rio: "I like them all [laughing]. I really can't make it any more special. I love winning. I love competing. I love this group of guys we have here. We're going to keep getting after it and keep trying to deliver these type of performances where we come out on top."

**Raiders QB Derek Carr


Q: What happened during the snap where you injured your hand?

Carr:"A lot of pain. I'll let our doctors and coach get into all that stuff. I was able to come back in and play. Something happened with the snap. To be completely honest, I don't know. I haven't seen a replay. I'll have to see a replay of it. Something was different than normal. Rodney [Hudson] and I, we put a lot of hard work into center-quarterback exchange, so that nothing ever happens. I'll have to see a replay, but something was different. Something was definitely different."

Q: You had a bandage, but I see you don't have it now.

Carr: "I'm good. I'm good to go." 

Q: Did you feel pain when you got the ball?

Carr:"Yeah, probably some of the most pain I've ever felt in my life." 

Q: Did you feel relieved once you could come back into the game?

Carr: "Yes, definitely. I had a lot questions first. Once I asked those questions and they gave me the answers, then there was no doubt in my mind." 

Q: Was it painful to readjust once you got back in?

Carr:"Obviously, it hurt. As much as I could deal with the pain of it, that was it." 

Q: Which finger was it?

Carr: "Just my pinky." 

Q: Was it a Willis Reid moment?

Carr: "You know what's hilarious, my coach said Willis Reid to me on the sideline- just to make me laugh and get me in the mood. I looked at him and was like who? What's crazy is that I know who Willis Reid is, I mean, he came in and dropped like 40. Who knows. I was like can you tell me that story? Then I realized and said never mind I got it…" 

Q: Why were you wearing that glove?

Carr: "Just so it would help me." 

Q: Whose idea was the glove?

Carr:"To be completely honest, I don't remember."

Q: Where did you get the glove?

Carr:"This is good stuff man. Our equipment room. Our equipment manager was up here and we were just trying to come up with ideas, the best ideas to make sure I was the safest and it was the most effective. And that was what we came up with. "

Q: Did it still hurt to play with the glove?

Carr: "It still hurt, it definitely still hurt."

**Q: Any foreseeable issues with the finger? 


Carr: "You guys know me. It doesn't matter what happens. I'm going to practice. I'll play next game. I don't imagine anything will happen, it just sucks." 

Q: Is there a "no excuses" personality with the team now?

Carr: "I think the personality of the team is this- I've said it before and I'll say it again, because I really believe in it and mean it, Coach Del Rio taught us how to compete last year and we learned that. This year, we're learning how to win and what it takes. There were so many PowerPoint presentations we saw in the off-season of just little situational football- and that matters. What it takes to win in those situations, decisions you have to make during that time, I really believe in that process he created. I believe that our identity is just a team that works hard and believes in one another." 

Q: Were you surprised when they punted the ball to you?

Carr: "I don't know if I was surprised. I was happy they did. I really don't remember my emotion at that moment. I do remember I was extremely happy." 

Q: What did you see during that key pass to WR Michael Crabtree?

Carr: "Their safety got flat-footed and doubled Rivera on the left side, and had Crabtree one-on-one, with their guy and his back turned. And you know me, I'm going to give my guys chances to make plays especially in that kind of yardage and situation. Those are tough ones to get, when you get a matchup like that, you've got to take that chance." 

Q: What was the attitude on the sideline like when you guys have 25 unanswered points?

Carr: "It was crazy. I came up here and the only reason I knew they had the ball was because I looked back and saw their offense running up there. I didn't know the whole situation when I was up here [in the locker room]. When I came back, I was trying to ask questions like did they score, what happened, what are they doing, all these things. To be completely honest with you, I don't really know the mood. I was just trying to get back into the swing of things. I wanted to make it seem like I didn't even leave. I wanted to make sure I knew every situation, what blitzes they brought, all those things- just to be ready. It looked like guys were still good and believing, and that's what I expect from them." 

Q: What was the mood like after you threw the interception?

Carr: "It was kind of like last week when I threw the pick. It was like 'man, that sucks' obviously. Thomas Davis should be a Pro Bowler, one of the best players I've ever seen in my life. Sorry, I had to say that, just to give him credit. The mood was 'hey, we've been here before.' We don't like that we've been here before, but there was no doubt in our minds that we could move the ball, win, and score. There's never a doubt. You clap your hands; it's not what you wanted. We have to go get the ball. We have to go." 

Q: How does it feel to clinch the first winning record in 14 years?

Carr: "I really feel like that's more for the fans. Obviously, we can't celebrate anything yet, but I'm happy for my fans. I know the heartache that they've had. Trust me, I've been a part of that heartache. I've given them heartaches during games in my short three years, but hopefully we've given them a lot of happy moments. I said when we won the championship in Fresno, I was part of a 4-9 team, got the head coach fired, all those things—when we won that champion the first time, I said the thing that makes my day is watching the fans celebrate, to be honest with you. Winning 9 games, having a winning record for the first time in 14 years, I'm so happy for our fans because I know how much joy that brings to our city, I know how much life that brings to the city of Oakland. And that's what I'm about. You guys know me, I love to make other people's day and I'm glad they get to go home happy." 

**Q: Where has DE Khalil Mack taken his career with games like this? 


Carr: "It's crazy. He's so young. He's only been playing the same amount of time I have. He's already done things no one in the history of the league has done. He's been an all pro at two positions. He's making these clutch plays. Every time there's a two-minute drill, I come up to him and say 'Now it's your turn, go end it.' We're just having fun, but I'm dead serious. And he says, 'end the game, ok.' We hope every time it will work out, obviously. I don't think we can put him into a category. I think that he's here, and he's progressed to here. He's in a class of his own. I'm not saying he's better than anybody, I think he is. I think he's the best football player I've ever played with and seen. I think he's done things that no one has ever seen before and I don't want to just put him in a box. I think the sky's the limit for him." 

Q: Did your hurt finger have any impact when you threw that interception?

Carr: "No, that was just me. Like I said, Thomas [Davis] made a great play. "

Q: Are you amazed at the way you guys have won these games?

Carr: "God is good. We've done it every single way. It's crazy. I'm just going to keep on believing. I'm going to keep working hard. Hopefully, we'll have more ways for you. To be honest, I don't care how we do it. I hope we keep doing it and come up with some new ways." 

Q: What happens to you specifically during the 4th quarter of a tight game?

Carr: "I've been put in those situations so many times in practice. Coach Del Rio makes the two-minute drill as hard on me as possible in camp, OTA's, mini-camp, training camp, practice. He makes it as hard as he can on me. When you have success at it, it gives you the belief that it doesn't matter the situation. We just went from 30-seconds, no timeouts, from our minus whatever and got a touchdown. It's things like that, that gives us so much [to] believe [in], to be honest. Like I always said, I grew up a Kobe [Bryant] fan, that Mamba mentality. Those killer instincts. Sometimes he hit the game winner, sometimes he didn't. Our o-line, something happens to them, they know nothing can happen. Our receivers, they make these amazing—I mean, that catch Crab [Michael Crabtree] made with the guy draped all over him, that's amazing."

*Q: Do you think it's okay to support Kobe Bryant in Steph Curry's territory? *

Carr: "Absolutely. He's a Panther Fan." 

Q: Did you know he was here today, wearing your jersey?

Carr: "Oh did he? Steph, thank you man for wearing my jersey. I'll come out to a game and support you." 

**Raiders WR Amari Cooper


Q: For [Derek Carr] to get injured, his pinky finger dangling. He just put a glove on and went back out there and engineered a scoring drive. What does that say about your quarterback's character?

Amari Cooper:"He has a lot of toughness. I didn't doubt he would come back out and play. I asked him, 'Are you going to play?' He was like 'Duh'."

Q: This team continues to win ways to win even though you gave up a 17 point lead. What does that say about the resilience of this team?

Cooper:"We're a resilient group. We go out there and prepare in practice. Every week is going to be close. We know that. We just compete."

Q: When they came back in the third quarter was it a shock to the system on your part?

Cooper:"It was a shock to me, it all happened so fast. We stepped in there, competed and came away with a big win."

Q: What was going through you r mind when you were standing on the sideline and the defense needed to make a stop to win the game?

Cooper:"I was watching Khalil [Mack], I wanted to see what he was going to do on potentially the last play of the game. This guy is unusually talented and he made a play."

Raiders T Donald Penn

Q: First winning record in 14 seasons, what does it mean to this franchise to finally be there? I know you have bigger goals but…

Penn:"We still have a long way ahead of us. We haven't played our best football yet. We're just going to try to keep stacking these wins, add them up at the end of the season. I'm going to take this win, just win baby. Like Khalil [Mack} says, 'by any means'. We won, but we still have a long way to go. We're a long way from playing the football we want but we're going to keep stacking these wins and that's all that matter."

Q: What was it like when Derek [Carr] went out?

Penn: "Next man up. That's how I got my job. Somebody went down, I've been playing ever since. Next man up. Derek is a big piece, he's our captain, our leader. He is our offense. I knew [Derek] was tough, I wasn't afraid. I said 'Are you going to be good?'. He said 'I'm going to be'. You all don't know [Derek], he's a fighter, he's a beast. He came in that second half and didn't miss a beat. I don't know what you guys are watching but that dude is a beast."

Q: Is it just adding to his legend coming back from injury and leading a comeback?

Penn:"It doesn't have anything to do with his legend. He's in his third year now, he is going to do so much stuff in his career. It's not even funny. Not just this year but years to come. He has a hell of a career ahead of him."

Q: What did it mean to have a huge lead, see it slip away, then come back?

Penn:"It's showing our growth as a team, showing our maturity. It's showing us growing as an organization. We're starting to finish these games. We put ourselves in a bad spot. We could have finished them but we put ourselves in a bad spot. We were able to dig ourselves out. We have to show the growth. We're growing. We're still not playing the best football we want but we're winning. We're finding ways to win. I'll take that any day. These guys are out there fighting their butts off trying to find a way to win."

Q: Was it strange from the time [Derek] Carr strained his finger things started to go south in the third quarter.

Penn:"Things went south because we fumbled. The good thing is the defense stood up and gave us an opportunity. We went down there and did what we've been doing all year. It sucks that we had our back against the wall. We need to stop doing that. But the good thing is we came out victorious. I'll take that as long as we come out victorious. We have a lot of stuff to clean up. We haven't played our best football yet, we have a long way ahead of us. But you know what we're going to do, we're going to be in that building on Tuesday working hard like we did this week. I like this film, everybody in the locker room is going to like this film."

Raiders LB Bruce Irvin

Q: You guys always seem to find a way to come back in these games. What did it take in this game to come back and how did it feel to be down?

Bruce Irvin:"The Panthers were in the Super Bowl last year. We knew those guys weren't going to just lay down. They're 4-8 but they're not 4-18. They've just been on the end of a lot of bad breaks. They made a run but we kept our composure and made the stops when we needed to."

Q: You've been in big games, you've played with great players before. How do you describe what Khalil [Mack] did out there today?

Irvin:"Pick-six, sack forced fumble, fumble recovery. I'm just blessed to be in his presence. The guy is one hell of a player. We feed off each other. On that last drive we told each other 'It's on us, it's on us to put the team on our back and end it.' That's exactly what we did. I'm just blessed to be in such a great situation playing with a future Hall of Famer."

**Q: You were close to the quarterback on that last play. Did you saw Khalil flash in front of you to get him?


Irvin:"There's been a few times where we both got there at the same time. It's no fun if the homies can't get any. I always tell Khalil I'd rather he have a sack and me have a sack than me have two and him have none. I'm just happy he was able to get home and happy to come out with the win."

Q: Did you see his jump into the Black Hole there?

Irvin:"That was fun. I was jealous, I was like 'Dang, why didn't I think of that'. It was a great play, a great celebration for a great player."

Q: With Cam [Newton], it didn't look like you didn't put a spy on him, you just had to go and get him.

Irvin:"You've got to. Cam is a hell of a player. I don't know if you guys have ever stood next to him but he's a pretty big individual. We had to rush him and get to him."

Q: You had a couple of sacks in the last set of games, you had that pressure late. What have you found the last couple games to put you over the top?

Irvin:"Just keep digging. I was getting close, but I wasn't finishing. These last couple games I've been fortunate enough to bring a quarterback down."

Q: When you hear Derek Carr is coming back into this game, what is the reaction?

Irvin:"It's like Jesus rose from the dead."

Raiders DE Khalil Mack

**Q: Can you talk about the fourth down sack?


Mack:"Man, you're talking about trying to get there. That was the one. You want to end the game at that point. The offense was rolling late in the game and we needed a stop. We needed a stop. That was the stop we needed."

Q: What went into your interception?

Mack:"Instincts and seeing, knowing the things that were going to happen based on the film that you watched. Instincts and getting my hands up and getting ready to catch."

Q: Did you know you had good hands?

Mack:"Oh yeah, come on, come on, come on. I got good hands, baby (laughing)."

Q: Then you jumped in the Black Hole.

Mack:"Yeah, I've been waiting to do that for three years."

Q: That front row was scared.

Mack:"Nah, they looked like they were ready, they looked like they were ready for the impact. I had to make sure I could make it up there first (laughing)."

Q: Did you plan the reverse spin there too?

Mack:"Yeah, yeah, yeah man. That's how I see everybody else do it. Seth [Roberts] do it and everybody else do it and so I knew I had to jump in and turn my back."

Q: Did you feel someone grab your facemask?

Mack:"Yeah, it was all love. I got love for them, man. I'm trying to do it some more."

Q: Bruce Irvin said he was jealous you got to jump in the Black Hole.

Mack:"Yeah, he told me throughout the game. He was like, 'Man, next sack I get I'm jumping in the Black Hole. I was like, 'I don't know if it works like that.' Yeah, but it is what it is."

**Q: What's happening now that the defense is finding success after struggling?


Mack:"You can tell there's a lot of things we need to work on. I'm a perfectionist. Whether it's communication, whether it's coverage and filling holes on run downs. It's all those things that you think about and I can't help but think about that even though we did get the win. There's a lot of corrections. We have to help this team defensively a lot more."

Q: What does it mean to be the first player with a sack, interception, force fumble, fumble recovery and a touchdown since Charles Woodson in 2009?

Mack:"That's great company right there. C-Wood, that's big bro. We talk all the time. He tells me, 'It's time for you to take over games.' Fortunately, I was in a position to do a little bit of that today."

Q: Do you tell yourself that?

Mack:"You have to have that on your mind. You want to change the game by any means. Knowing it's fourth down and they're going for it and it's late in the game and they could possible tie it up, you want to make that play to get the ball and end it."

Q: What's it like on the sideline when Derek Carr is leading a fourth quarter drive?

Mack:"Talk about clutch, MVP. Coming back after having that little knickknack and throwing strikes. He's a hell of a player and I'm glad he's my quarter back. All you can think about is his toughness. How tough he is. He's a hell of a player."

Q: What were you thinking about when Carr went into the locker room?

Mack:"Oh man, I just immediately started praying. Even though it's football, that's my homie. You want to make sure he's good at the end of the day even though you're in the midst of a game. So yeah, I immediately started praying and asking God for healing power."

Q: What's it like to go 0-10 your rookie year to 9-2 now?

Mack:"We've come a long way. Even then you can't really think about the past. All you can really focus on is stacking these wins up. That's all we really care about as a team. You can tell when we're out there on the field."

**Q: How tough is Cam Newton to take down?


Mack:"That's a big dude. It's a big dude, man. He's tough to take down. He's a tough quarterback and he's a great leader for that team. We've seen that he was put in a positon to win that game. You could tell down the stretch he made some great plays for that offense."

Q: What are you thinking on that last play with the game on the line?

Mack:"At that point, you've just got to forget about everything that happened early on in the game – anything that happened in the game – and focus on the moment. That's what everybody knew. We had to focus in on the moment. I grabbed [Raiders CB Antonio Hamilton]'s helmet. I told him, 'All we need is three seconds. All we need is three seconds.' Fortunately enough they were able to hold it down, coverage was able to hold it down, and we got the stop."

Q: What happened on your pick-six?

Mack:"It was just instincts. On that situation, they switched the guard and the tackle, and they were doing everything to lighten up the pressure with screens, draws, quarterback runs, running the ball. We know they're going to do things like that. Instinctively, I saw the back sneak out and I tried to separate and get my hands up. That's what we're taught to do from [Defensive Line Coach] Coach Jethro Franklin."

Q: Any interest in playing offense?

Mack:"I'm like a fifth-string QB I think. I can get in there, we can run a couple read zones, throw a couple screen balls. That's it, that's all. I'm limited."

Q: This team seems like they don't make any excuses?

Mack:"No doubt. No doubt. By any means. By any means necessary. That's the message every week. Whether we have to pull them out in the fourth [quarter] or overtime... we need those wins. That's the message. Luckily we were able to pull this one out."

Raiders RB Latavius Murray

Q: Tough running out there today?

Murray: "Yeah, especially towards the end down there, keep possession, eat up the clock definitely helped us out to [inaudible] the game."

Q: What does that say about your quarterback, pinky dangling, comes back and leads the fourth-quarter comeback?

Murray:"He's tough man, he's tough. He's a competitor, the way he's been playing all year. Doesn't surprise me at all."

Q: How big is this win for you guys, having the winning record and leading the AFC West?

Murray:"I think every game from this point obviously has been big for us. Every team is standing in the way of our goals, so we got to take care of business week in and week out and keep finding ways to win, so I think that's what's great about this team."

Q: What were the emotions when Derek Carr went down? It seemed like you guys played like you might have been a little bit shaken up. What changed it back?

Murray:"We weren't shaken up at all. We believe in Matt [McGloin]. He's going to be in there, we believe he can make plays to get it done and lead us. We believe in every man on this team, so we weren't down at all. Obviously, we feel for Derek, but we're going to rally behind whoever's in there at any position because that's what a true team does."

Q: What was the emotional rollercoaster like, you guys were up and looked like you were going to boat race them in the first half and then you look up and they're winning in the fourth quarter?

Murray:"I think it helps the fact that we've been in situations before where we have to come back and find a way to win and when we get down, I guess we've been in this situation before, so we don't get rattled whatsoever and so again, we've been in that situation and we know that we just need to go out there and make a play, put a drive together, get the win and we were able to do that."

Q: This is the first time this team has unraveled like that even with a 17-point lead, so what does that say about the resilience of this football team?

Murray:"It says a lot. Again, the fact that we keep finding ways to win like you said, 24 unanswered points or whatever, I'm just excited to be part of this group of guys. I love these guys. We continue to fight and continue to fight for each other and I think that's why we continue to have success. Every man believes in each other, every man plays for each other and when you have a group of guys that can come together and do that, things like that happen."

Q: You know it hasn't always been that way here, but there's a feeling in here that it's different.

Murray:"And it hasn't. The culture has changed here, this is a different team with a different demeanor and we're a team on a mission right now. We're headed in the right way to get our goal."

Raiders WR Michael Crabtree

Q: Big moments, big plays. Take us through your 47-yard "go up and get it" grab.

Crabtree:"By any means. I feel like I've had a couple bad games. I wasn't going to let this game go by without making a few plays. I came out here with one thing on my mind."

**Q: You get some style points on that. You went up, came down and held on. Helmet came off and everything.


Crabtree:"They ripped my helmet off. I thought there should have been a flag. They made it tough. By any means, man."

Q: Michael, how dangerous is a team that just finds ways to win, not always pretty but finding ways to win?

Crabtree:"Just win, baby. We take that motto seriously. We're going for it by any means. We've got dogs."

Q: Is this a game you guys would have won last year, or is it this year's team that developed that toughness?

Crabtree:"We're going to worry about this year. We're not worrying about the past, what the Raiders did. We're worried about today and tomorrow, this year, what we can do better and try to take it to the next level."

Q: What did Derek Carr show coming back from injury?

Crabtree: "He's is a competitor. He's going to compete with everything. I knew he was going to come back into the game. I love that dude. I love my team. We're just working every day."

Q: I know the season has a long ways to go, but you guys have nine wins for the first time since 2002.

Crabtree:"I think it' important not to count those. I think it's important to think about the next game. I don't think it's really important to worry about the past. You can get caught up in that. I've been on some winning teams. This team right here is special. We have to focus on what's in front of us."

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