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Raiders at Cardinals Quote Sheet


Head Coach Dennis Allen

On the disappointment not delivering in scoring range: "Well, we have got to do a better job of executing down there. We expect to score touchdowns when we get down there. That was frustrating that we weren't able to punch the ball in there a couple of times, but we just have to get back to work and get better in that area."

On the success of first defense: "We got after the quarterback a couple of times. I wasn't pleased with the first drive. We have to play better there. We gave up a third down conversion and then a touchdown. We have to come out better than that. I thought they regrouped after that and played pretty well the remainder of the first half so that was encouraging. We have to play better as a team."

QB Carson Palmer

On if he had specific things he wanted to accomplish in this game: "Well, there's a lot of stuff I want to accomplish. You want to come out with a win. You really do, especially in a preseason game. We need to look at this film and continue to get better and improve, and I just need to score more points.  There are some things that we can clean up that were pretty obvious. We had some good things that we need to improve on also. We have good plays we can get better on, and obviously you can get better on the bad plays. So, it was a good learning film, and it will be a good week of work getting ready for the next preseason game."

On if he's happy where he's at right now:"I just need to keep grinding. Obviously I won't complete every ball.  You want to go down and score on every drive, but I just have to keep improving, keep grinding, and keep continuing to improve on everything in practice."

QB Matt Leinart

On returning to Arizona: "It felt good. It felt really good to be out there. It was kind of weird at first just to be back, but it felt good. I was doing well until unfortunately what happened, but I'll be O.K."

On his progression from game one to game two: "I think they did a good job defensively and got after us a little bit, but preseason is all about progressing from week one to week two to week three. I thought we progressed; we scored points this week. I'll just look at the film and try to get back as soon as I can."

DT Tommy Kelly

On making things tough for Kevin Kolb after the first series: "We gave them one and that was kind of disappointing, but I liked the way we bounced back. I don't think they can drive the field on us. When they do have a short field we just have to keep them out of the end zone and keep them to a field goal."

On being on schedule for the opening Monday night game: "Other than the short field on the first drive, I think we pretty much gave them what we were supposed to. The one at the end, they got the ball on the one. They get paid too. Like coach said, it's not about when they make a play, it's all about how we react to it and bounce back from it."

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