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Raiders at Jets Quote Sheet


FB Marcel Reece beats the defense for a 63-yard touchdown run. Photo by Tony Gonzales

Head Coach Dennis Allen

On the game: "Update on injuries – guys who didn't finish the game, Sio Moore injured his neck, Vance Walker had a concussion, Nick Kasa had a concussion. Just looking at this game, obviously we didn't start out fast. We gave up points. We turned the ball over. We had a blocked kick. We missed a field goal. All those things put ourselves in a hole. I thought our offense did a great job of making some adjustments and coming back in the second half. We were able to score there in the second half and give ourselves a chance. Unfortunately, every time we got ourselves back in the ball game offensively by going down and scoring, defensively we couldn't make it hold up. So disappointed in the way that we played defensively. Obviously, that's my responsibility. I have to do a better job there. We'll rebound and we'll get ready to play Kansas City this week. So not a good performance by us overall. I thought in the second half, I thought our offense responded, but we weren't good enough."

On defensive struggles in the second half and 3rd downs: "Yeah, listen, I wish I had the answer to that. I thought the Jets did a nice job. They had us in a pressure there; on the screen play they did a nice job of executing that for big play on 3rd down. And then we missed some tackles at some critical situations that obviously hurt us. That's an area that we have to continue to work to improve on and we'll go back to work and try to have a better plan for getting off the field on 3rd down in second half of football games."

On addressing inability to win East Coast games: "Really I don't think it was an issue with the travel. We were out here a couple weeks ago and we were able to start fast. We just didn't do it in this game. We just didn't execute as well as we needed to early in the football game. Like I said, I thought offensively we were able to respond and come back, and fast starts hadn't been our issue. Obviously putting us in a hole like that was hard for us to come back from and we have to do a better job defensively of being able to stop them. That was an area that we thought we'd be in a little bit better shape in this football game and we just weren't."

On if the team came out flat: "No, I don't think it was an issue of being flat. I just think we didn't execute as well as we needed to. We didn't make the plays we had opportunities to make. There were a couple early in the game, a couple interception opportunities, we had a chance to make and we didn't make them. Really, that's the difference a lot of times of winning and losing games. We give them extra opportunities those are critical plays in the game that we have a chance to make and if we make it early in the game and swing the momentum, it's a different game."

On putting Terrelle Pryor into the game: "Something that we already knew coming in that we wanted to get him in early in the game, get him a series in there, kind of evaluate it and see how it went after that. Obviously he was able to move the ball down the field for us and get us a field goal on that drive, which was a positive. And then as we went back with Matt [McGloin], we really had something going there in the second half offensively. We had some rhythm, some flow, we were able to score some points, so we just stuck with what we were doing."

On if he thought about putting Pryor back in: "Not after watching the way that we played in the second half offensively. We moved the ball down the field and converted 3rd down and were able to score points, so we weren't going to change anything there."

On if switching QBs disrupted offensive rhythm: "No, not really. We weren't really able to do anything offensively the first couple of series and then we put Terrelle in and we were able to move the ball down the field and get a field goal, so I thought that was a positive move on our part. And obviously we went back with Matt and were able to continue to move the ball and score points."

On RB Rashad Jennings inactive: "It was kind of apparent yesterday that he wasn't going to be cleared, but it was official this morning."

On FB Marcel Reece: "I think, obviously, the big run was a huge run and a huge play in the football game. I thought overall he did a nice job of running the football. I'll have to go back and look and see exactly how well he played, but I thought overall he did a nice job."

On McGloin's interceptions in the red zone over past few games: "Everybody makes mistakes. Obviously, you want him to continue to learn from his mistakes. That was a situation that he got a little bit of pressure there and got spooked a little bit and didn't make a really good throw. And of course Ed Reed was in a good position to make the play. So that was another play that we knew that field position and turnovers were going to be a big factor in the game and when you include the blocked punt in there, we weren't able to win the field position battle or the turnover battle."

On lack of pressure on QB Geno Smith: "I think they did a nice job in some of their protections. I thought Smith did a good job…I thought he got rid of the ball quickly on a couple of those plays. There was a couple there in the second half where I don't think we executed as well as we needed to, to get pressure on him. Really a combination of some things they did schematically, some things we didn't do and execution."

On K Sebastian Janikowski's missed field goal: "A 53-yarder. Those are obviously ones we expect for him to make. That's something that we have to look at moving forward because those are momentum builders and momentum killers. We thought field position in this game was going to be a critical factor and when you give them field position there, whatever it was, 43-yard line I think it was, that can be a big factor in the football game."

On if Raiders defense is worn down: "I do think the defense is worn down, but we have to go out and we have to tackle and we have to do the things we have to do to be able to get off the field. It'll be something that we'll continue to work on. It'll be something that we'll address because we've got three more football games and we can't tackle like that."

On McGloin responding after interception: "Yeah absolutely he took positive steps in the second half. I don't know what his stats were in the second half, but we had three touchdowns and a field goal in the second half or something like that. I thought he did a nice job of moving the offense in second half of the football game and we mixed a few runs in there, had some big, explosive passes and were able to score points, so I think he did a good job."

QB Matt McGloin

On knowing QB Terrelle Pryor would play a series: "Yeah it was game plan stuff."

On when he knew Pryor would come in: "Like I said, it was game plan stuff so throughout the course of the week we worked different things, we go over our plan, and that was part of our plan."

On the second half: "I think that's what it was, as an offense we settled in, made some adjustments at halftime, which was good to see, and went out and played well in the second half and competed."

On if swapping QBs interrupts his rhythm: "You know, I've been through it before in college, so…"

On if the answer is 'no': "Any time you have quarterbacks coming in and out, especially in cold weather, it gets difficult sometimes, but it's not an excuse or anything like that for the way we played."

On lack of productivity early on: "I don't know. Just one of those games where things weren't going our way early on. Usually we're able to get out to some early leads and unfortunately that didn't happen. I thought New York played well early on; I thought they played well throughout the full course of the game, but they really got up on us. But, like I said, I was proud of the way we fought there at the end and made those adjustments and came out and played well in the second half."

On if WR Rod Streater's TD catch was intended for him: "Yeah, it was just the second part of my read, tried to jam it in there and Rod made a great play and a great run after the catch."

On the Jets secondary: "I thought my wideouts made some good plays. Even when we did have some success, they were still there. They played great defensively today, I thought. Their secondary did a great job of being on our wideouts all day I thought. You're going to have days like that and I'm proud of the way the wideouts went up after the ball and made some good plays for me."

On gaining more knowledge each game: "I don't look at it at all; it's a loss and it's frustrating, disappointing. You can say the experience thing and learning process and that's just a bunch of excuses, I think. It's another loss at the end of the day, regardless of who wants to say that, but we do have to get better. We have three games left and a big one next week at home, so we have to be ready for it."

On keeping frustration from building after three straight losses: "We can be sad, disappointed tonight, frustrated, watch the film, learn from our mistakes, but tomorrow is Monday and we have an opponent on Sunday. When we take the field they're not going to care if we have three losses in a row or three wins in a row. It really doesn't matter. After tonight we have to start focusing on next week."

On any positives: "Again, like I said earlier, I thought the adjustments we made at halftime was a good thing to see. I thought the way we continued to fight and do everything we can there to get it close there in the end was a good thing to see. So we just have to keep improving."

On if it's more disappointing to lose with friends and family in attendance: "When or lose they're going to be there for you and they always have been, but it is disappointing. Any time you lose a game it's difficult."

On Marcel Reece stepping into tailback position: "It doesn't surprise me at all. He does what we ask of him. He busts his tail day-in and day-out. He catches the ball well, runs the ball well, blocks well. He's an all-around guy, great guy, great player and we're lucky for him to be part of this organization."

FB/RB Marcel Reece

On having the longest run from scrimmage that the Jets defense has given up all season:"No, I didn't know that, but it doesn't really matter. (The) O-line stepped up and did a great job and made my job easy."

On the mood in the locker room:"Disappointed. Definitely disappointed. We worked too hard to have the outcome be like this. We need Ws. This game is about winning. It's about production. Stats don't matter. The numbers don't matter unless you win and we didn't do it."

On if he could put a finger on where the game turned:"If I could put a finger on it, I would have changed it."

On if he has confidence in this team:"Absolutely. I have confidence. We have to get back to work tomorrow and we'll fix what we have to fix and get back on the field (and) get back to work. We have huge divisional games coming up and we've got to win those. We've got to send a signal to our division to end the season."

WR Rod Streater

On Terrelle Pryor:"It was good to see him back out there. He brings a lot to the table."

On the Raiders using two quarterbacks in the game:"We knew we had a few packages for Pryor. He was a factor."

On what Dennis Allen said after the game:"We have to continue to finish strong. We can't come out slow in the first half and play spotty on offense."

On the Jets responding after the Raiders' scoring plays:"They are a very impressive team."

On being close to becoming a good team:"We are very close. We made a couple of mistakes in the beginning of the game and if we don't make those mistakes, you never know what will happen. You see how we played on offense. We are right there, we just have to cut down our mistakes."

FS Charles Woodson

On being a warm weather team coming to New York:"The fundamentals don't change. As long as you play fundamental football (it doesn't matter what the temperature is)."

On the biggest problem for the defense:"We just played bad football. That's as embarrassing (of a) game that I've ever been a part of. I think each one of us as individuals took turns messing up calls, defense, (and) not making plays. We're all to blame for what happened out there today."

On reasons for why the defense struggled:"I don't want to sit here and make excuses about anything. We've played well at times and we haven't played well and today is as bad as we've played this whole season. It's really embarrassing to be a part of it. We were like the Bad News Bears out there today. In saying that, I do want to give a lot of credit to our offense. They just kept fighting out there today (and) really gave us a chance to still be in the game."

On making sure the team doesn't quit:"I can't ensure anything. I can ensure what I do as an individual. We've got some tough guys on this team and I don't think guys will quit playing regardless of where we're at as a team. Guys will come out there and just continue to play. We've got three games left and they're against division opponents and if we don't come out and play well it will be embarrassing the rest of the way out. We've got to play football regardless of what the circumstances are."

On if the Jets did anything unexpected on offense:"No. They ran what we thought they would run. It's really been that way the past couple weeks now. Teams have just done their stuff and they've won with it. We haven't come up with stops that we've needed to come up with to stay in games or finish games."

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