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Raiders Extra Access: Willie Brown


[internal-link-placeholder-0]Christian Gomez: What did your overall day as an NFL player consist of? In a 24 hour day, how did you prepare and train?

Willie Brown: "It starts with, in a 24-hour period of time, you wake up, you go work out, and train. You do certain things, you do drills, back pedaling, run 100's, and you run 50's and you go through the shadows of person running certain routes. You try to go through all those things that a receiver would try to run at you so you continue practicing those on an everyday basis."

Stormy Valentine: When you reflect back on your time with the Raiders what ONE thing would you change if you could?

Willie Brown: "I probably would change the bump and run rule. I'd probably change that."

Kristian Risum: Do you think that Raiders have the best fans in the league?

Willie Brown: "We really have good fans, no question about it."

Tyler Ebert: Are Brandon Myers' impressive season statistics simply the product of a tight end friendly scheme, or is he the real deal?

Willie Brown: "I think he's the real deal when it comes to catching the ball. He may not be the best blocker, but as a tight end, he probably has one of the best group of hands that you want to have as a tight end. He's a sure-catch guy. He doesn't miss much. If you need a person to go to, he's that particular person. When you ask him to do a lot of blocking, he's probably not the best, but he does a pretty good job blocking."

Frank Germaine: Who in your opinion was the best QB that you played against college or pro?

Willie Brown: "Probably Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas. Joe Namath was very good. But if I had to choose one particular guy, I would say Johnny Unitas."

Steven Sarron: Mr. Brown, your INT in the Super Bowl is often shown, especially the close up of your face as you race away from the Vikings...what was going through your mind?

Willie Brown: "Get to the goal line as fast and as soon as I can. It's not the run that is tough on you, but when you're running you're thinking about you got to go, got to get there, got to get there. That's what gets you tired. All the adrenaline pumping up in you and those kind of things. It's not too much thinking going on. You just run pretty much. Just can't wait to get to the goal line."

Kyle Barton: Who was the toughest player you played with and against?

Willie Brown: "The toughest player I played with – Jack Tatum was probably the toughest. And against would be Lance Alworth probably."

Dominic Allred: If you could relive one moment of your football career, what would it be and why?

Willie Brown: "I wouldn't. My football career was great. I have no complaints again. I wish we would have won more Super Bowls of course. Being in five Super Bowls is pretty good, so I would say that."

Dion Horton: What was/is your motivation?

Willie Brown: "My motivation to keep me going is that championship, trying to get another Super Bowl and trying to see and train guys that I think have a chance to be All Pro, a chance to get in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Just continue to see those guys improve I guess those kinds of things I like and hope for."

April Watkins: Do you have any advice or wishes for the future Raiders?

Willie Brown: "I have advice in terms of you have to do things right, do things right on the field and off the field. You have to think about your teammates rather than just about yourself. You can't be a selfish person. You have to be a team player. You have to practice hard and have good work habits and be on time and do all the right things. When you do the right things, good things happen to you."

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