Raiders Host Jets Today

The Oakland Raiders host the New York Jets at the Oakland-Alameda COunty Coliseum today with kickoff set for 1:00 p.m. The Raiders are coming off of a 13-9 upset win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

"For us it's learning from it, how to do it again. So it's not about confidence, it's the lesson that was there and take it and use it and that's what the hope is for this weekend. What do we have to be confident about? We're two and four. We have to be confident about going in and playing this Sunday trying to be three and four," Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable explained. 

"I like the energy this week. I think that whenever you do something and you have success at it, you learn a little bit about yourself, just like you do when you fail.  I liked what we learned from last week, how we used it this week as a team in terms of our focus and we're continuing to work hard and meet more together," Cable added. 

A key for the Raiders this Sunday is to build on the success the defense had last week as the unit sacked Eagles QB Donovan McNabb six times. 

Linebacker Thomas Howard, who had four tackles and one sack against the Eagles, wants to come out against the Jets with the same intensity the team had last week.  "That is what we strive to do as a defense.  We want to play fast, play hard, and outhit our opponent.  I thought we did a good job against all three phases last week and our ultimate goal is to win the game and we did that," Howard explained. 

Jets running backs Thomas Jones and Leon Washington combined for over 300 yards on the ground last week against the Buffalo Bills and it was a point of emphasis for Coach Cable in planning for the game.   

"That is the key to us defensively.  We have got to stop their run game.  Not even use the term 'slow it down.'  You have got to stop it and force them to throw the football," Cable explained. 

Defensive end Jay Richardson feels that the key to winning the game is playing smart, disciplined football.

"We have to stay in our gaps and play disciplined football.  We have been doing that lately and you have seen the results.  If we continue to do that and continue to mix up the looks and blitz from time to time, I think it will continue working," Richardson stated after Friday's practice.  Last week against the Eagles, Richardson had one sack.

By forcing the Jets to throw the ball, the Raiders hope to take advantage of a rookie quarterback who threw five interceptions last week against the Bills and has thrown 10 interceptions so far in this young season. 

Mark Sanchez started is NFL career hitting the ground running leading the Jets to three wins to open the season.  "He is a young QB, but he is going through a rough patch in his young career.  He started off hot though so we know what he can do," Richardson stated.   

Defensive coordinator John Marshall coached with Sanchez' college coach Pete Carroll and the two spoke recently about the kind of mental toughness the young quarterback has.

"That kid is mentally tough. I think what he experienced last week; his mental toughness will carry him. He's not going to go in the take and get rattled. Do I hope we shake him up? Yeah, an interception on the first series would be good," Marshall stated. 

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