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Raiders Host Mock Combine for CA Lottery Replay Winner


CA Lottery Replay drawing winner Sherrill Saxer (SF Giants sweatshirt) and her guests pose for a photo with Raiders Strength and Conditioning Coach Brad Roll and Raiders strength and conditioning assistants. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

The Oakland Raiders hosted a mock combine for California Lottery Replay winner Sherrill Saxer of San Ramon, Calif., and her guests at the Alameda, Calif., facility today.

Fans who purchased non-winning Raiders Scratchers had the opportunity to participate in the CA Lottery's Replay game and enter a drawing for exciting prizes. Saxer was selected to attend a mock combine developed by the Raiders and Strength and Conditioning Coach Brad Roll. Saxer said, "I submitted the losing scratchers and ended up winning on the website."

Coach Roll started the day off with a short orientation to explain the purpose of the Combine in Indianapolis, Ind., as well as the type of activities they would be participating in. The guests were treated to a special guest appearance by eight-time Pro Bowl guard and new assistant offensive line coach Steve Wisniewski before heading to the practice field.

Coach Roll walked the participants through warm up drills, as well as stretching, before diving into the 40-yard dash and 3-cone drill. The participants sprinted the 40 yards for time, followed by the 3-cone drill, which measures the ability of an athlete to quickly change direction.


Raiders Strength and Conditioning coach Brad Roll leads the mock combine participants through warm ups on the Raiders practice field. Photo by Rebecca Corman.

"I think it was a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on at the Combine," said Coach Roll. "I tried to make it as authentic as I could by doing the same drills that actually go on at the Combine. But also explaining to all of the winners why the specific drills that we use to evaluate are used and what we look for in each one of the drills, whether it's a strength/endurance, a lift or if it's a flexion/extension movement done at a high rate of speed, if it's a change in direction drill and try to get them to understand the real workings of what goes on."

The mock combine continued with the bench press, where each participant had the opportunity to complete 10 reps at a certain weight. They were able to experience one of the ways teams measure a player's strength and endurance.

Following the athletic drills, Coach Roll gave Sherril and her guests the opportunity to have a Bod Pod analysis.  The Bod Pod measures body mass, fat balance and lean muscle mass. "From just a lifestyle, education standpoint, I think it was very beneficial to them," said Coach Roll.

After two hours of exercise, the guests were treated to lunch and were able to relax from the tough evaluation process." It's been intense, it was fun though," said Amanda Saxer. "Definitely been a good experience and a good workout, but I'm clearly not a football player."

While the mock combine was intense, the guests enjoyed experiencing a behind-the-scenes look at the Combine and the day-to-day training for The Oakland Raiders. "Being the big football freak in the family, being able to see the behind-the-scenes stuff is something very cool, seeing what the players go through every day, it's awesome," said James Sanos. "I've also been a big fan of Brad Roll for a long time so getting to meet the guy and seeing what he puts the players through is awesome."

Coach Roll and his staff led a mock combine that allowed Saxer and her nine guests to experience part of the evaluation process a player goes through at Lucas Oil Stadium, while also having fun at the Raiders facility. "It was a real and good group, very outgoing, attentive, and they were fun to be around so we had a good healthy experience," said Coach Roll.

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