Raiders Matt McGloin and Brice Butler Develop Unique Connection


WR Brice Butler's six career preseason touchdown catches have been courtesy of QB Matt McGloin.

Since entering the league together in 2013, quarterback Matt McGloin and wide receiver Brice Butler have developed quite the connection in the preseason. In their very first preseason game together against the Dallas Cowboys on Aug. 9, 2013, McGloin found Butler for a 30- yard touchdown to give the Raiders the lead late in the second half, on which Butler made a sensational diving grab. A year later on Aug. 15, 2014 against the Detroit Lions, the two connected for a game-winning touchdown with :06 remaining in the game. In this season's first preseason contest, they hooked up for a 16-yard score in the third quarter.

"Throughout camp you get more reps with certain wide receivers, Brice and I have had a connection from day one, we're always on the same page with plays, and with routes," McGloin said. "Come game time it's not like I'm looking for Brice, keying in on Brice, but certain down and distance, certain plays, I trust him to be in the right spot, I trust him that if you put the ball near him he's going to make a play for you. He runs great, crisp routes."

Butler agreed with McGloin's assessment of the connection that has been there from the beginning of their careers.

"It's funny, it seems like every preseason, Matt's the guy giving me the connection and we're making plays. You can even probably say we're both the reason we've made the team every year," Butler said. "I know he knows 'if I want to get a play, I can go to 12.' Everybody knows it by now, McGloin to Butler, Twitter – McGloin and Butler. Me and Matt talk about it, we're locker mates and he came up to me, 'hey man, you ready, it's time to go again.' We just have fun with it."

Here is a look at their preseason numbers over the past three seasons, when Butler has caught all six of his touchdown passes from McGloin:







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