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Raiders Players Send Social Media Day Messages


On #smday, we want to say THANK YOU #RaiderNation for all of your support! #RaidersSMDay — OAKLAND RAIDERS (@RAIDERS) June 30, 2013

Thank you Raider Nation for your support on twitter! #RaidersSMDay — Rod Streater (@rodstreater80) June 30, 2013

Thank you Raider Nation for your support and love on twitter! #RaidersSMDay — Jason Foster (@jayfoster74) June 30, 2013

A day of appreciation to recognize all the support from the best fans! #RaiderNation #RaidersSMday — Jon Hoese (@J_Hoese) June 30, 2013

Salute to #RaiderNation Thank you for your love & support #RaiderSMDay — Johnny Jones III (@JohnnyJonesIII) June 30, 2013

Just a couple more Sundays until it all begins for the #Raidernation. The best fans in the NFL ##RaidersSMDay — Alex Parsons (@A_Parsons67) June 30, 2013

Love the Raider family!!! Can't to get it going this year!!! #raiderssmday!! — Brice Butler (@Brice_Butler) June 30, 2013

Thank you #RaiderNation for your amazing support and loyalty! Truly the best fans in the world! — Miles Burris (@MilesBurris) June 30, 2013

Special thanks to my Raidernation followers for showing support #OneNation #RaidersSMDay — Chimdi Chekwa (@ChimChek) June 30, 2013

S/O out to the #RaiderNation! Thanks for being the best fans in the league.. #RaidersSMDay — Jon Condo (@JonCondo) June 30, 2013

I wanted to take time to thank #raidernation for their unwavering support! Proud to wear Silver & Black this season! #RaidersSMDay — Rashad Jennings (@RashadJennings) June 30, 2013

Shout out to the #RaiderNation. Def the best fans in sports. We appreciate you all. #RaiderSMDay — Tray Session (@TRAYSESSION) June 30, 2013

Today is National Social media day, I want to thank all of Raider Nation for the love & support so far! #RaidersSMDay — Greg Jenkins (@GJenk10) June 30, 2013

Shout out to #RaiderNation Thank you for your love & support #RaiderSMDay. — Brandian Ross (@BrandianRoss) June 30, 2013

HUGE thanks to the Raider Nation for their support on twitter...looking forward to this season! #RaidersSMDay — Jamize R. Olawale (@jrolawale) June 30, 2013

Shoutout to all the raider fans across the globe. Making everything possible. #raidernation #SMDay — Jack Crawford (@Sack_Religious) June 30, 2013

It's National Social Media Day... S/O to the realist fans in the league, Raider Nation! #RaidersSMDay #RealRecognizeReal — Jeremy Stewart (@J_Stew32) June 30, 2013

S/O to all tha fans that follow n stand behind us we really appreciate it. #raidersSMDay — darren mcfadden (@dmcfadden20) June 30, 2013

BIG Thanks to #RaiderNation !!! #RaiderSMDay — Mychal Rivera (@MychalRivera) June 30, 2013

For that feeling when you know you got a whole NATION behind you! #RaidersSMDay — Nick Roach (@ricknoach) June 30, 2013

#RaiderNation best fans in the NFL. Thanks for the support #RaidersSMDay — Jacoby Ford (@JacobyFord12) June 30, 2013

So excited for this season to start!!! Can't wait to see & thank #raidernation #raiderssmday — Josh Cribbs (@JoshCribbs16) June 30, 2013

Big Shout to @RAIDERS for all they've been doing for us... We're Just Getting Started Tho!!! #RaiderSMDay — Sio Moore (@MrOakTown55) June 30, 2013

That time is come'n and I know y'all ready. S/O to the one and only nation #RaiderNation appreciate the love and support #RaiderSMDay — Juron Criner (@JbamaCriner82) June 30, 2013

Most supportive fans in the NFL. Thanks #RaiderNation. #RaidersSMDay — lamarr houston (@solodolo9s) June 30, 2013

Shout out to #RaiderNation. Best fans in the NFL #RaidersSMDay — Terrelle Pryor (@TerrellePryor) June 30, 2013

Thankyou S/O to @Raider Nation for ALL the SUPPORT. Your greatly appreciated! The reason we do what we do #Motivation #Respect #RaidersSMDay — David Bass Jr (@dbass91) June 30, 2013

ShoutOut to the best fans in the business hands down!! #RaiderNation #RaidersSMDay — Shelton Johnson (@Deucefo_24) June 30, 2013

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