Raiders Recognized For Iconic Uniforms


CB Willie Brown and S Charles Woodson

ESPN released Power Rankings of the NFL's best uniforms Thursday, and the Silver and Black nearly topped the list, checking in at No. 2.

No surprise there.

Since 1963 when Mr. Davis bought the team, the Raiders have become synonymous with the Silver and Black, not straying from the color scheme in over 40 years.

While other teams have tweaked their game day apparel, the Raiders have remained consistent, not adding alternative jerseys or making subtle changes to their look.

Few things in the sports world are timeless, but the Raiders Silver and Black uniforms are.

Here are the Top 10 uniforms according to ESPN:

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
  1. Oakland Raiders
  1. Green Bay Packers
  1. Chicago Bears
  1. San Diego Chargers
  1. Dallas Cowboys
  1. Buffalo Bills
  1. Philadelphia Eagles
  1. Indianapolis Colts
  1. Kansas City Chiefs
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