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Raiders vs. Lions Quote Sheet



ON QB TERRELLE PRYOR: "Terrelle did a nice job. He came in and threw a couple of nice balls, two for touchdowns, both of them to [Juron] Criner, so that was good to see. I thought he managed the huddle a lot better in this game, which was really an area of improvement we were looking for out of him. He's still a work in progress, but I thought he made some strides today."

ON THE DEFENSE: "Well I think in spurts we've played really well. I think you have to look, just like the first two games, you don't want to get too down when you don't get the results you're looking for as far as one loss. But we're not going to get too high about this one either. There's a lot of things we have to get corrected offensively, defensively and in the kicking game, but I was pleased with the way the defense came up in a couple adversity situations and were able to stop them when we got on some short fields."

ON RB TAIWAN JONES: "He did some nice things. He was explosive; he's obviously really fast. He has a real nice run where he got a little penetration and cut back and was able to get around the defense. That's one of the things that he gives you is he does have some real speed so his ability to get on the edges is good for us."

ON FINISHING DRIVES: "It's been the theme for us throughout the preseason. We've talked a lot about finishing. We were able to finish a drive today down on the goal line and we've got to continue to do a better job and continue to work on that. We're not clean in all three phases right now. We still have a long way to go, but I saw some progress tonight."

ON QB CARSON PALMER: "I think when you look at what we did offensively today, he's been able to move the ball. We've got to finish as a team. One questionable decision on the screen play, but other than that, I saw some good things out of Carson today."

ON DEFENSIVE PLAYERS THAT STOOD OUT: "It's always hard for me coming right off the field without really getting a chance to look at the tape. I thought Philip Wheeler did a couple of nice things. I thought Matt Giordano, he made a heck of a play on the interception, was a great play, unfortunately was called back due to a penalty. I thought our linebackers overall, I thought they played pretty well."

ON LAMARR HOUSTON ON THE INSIDE: "That's something that we feel like he can give us. We feel like inside on the nickel defense, he gives us something in there. The great thing about him is he gives us some versatility where we can use him outside on base downs and move inside some in the nickel situations. So he's had a good camp and if he continues to improve, I'm hopeful for a good season out of him."

ON LB MILES BURRIS: "He made some nice strides. He made a real nice tackle there in the second half. He didn't play a lot in the first half because we were in nickel and he plays on our first team base defense, so really he got most of his snaps in the second half. But every time Miles gets a chance to get out there, it's another opportunity for him to grow. So the more reps he gets, the better he's going to be."

ON STOPPING CALVIN JOHNSON: "He's an explosive player and it really only takes one shot for him so you better be on your toes the whole game long as long as he's in there. I thought our guys understood what the game plan was going in and we were able to take Calvin away. That limits some of their explosiveness on offense."

ON FIRST WIN AS HEAD COACH: "Any time you get a chance to get a win, you do nothing but grow from that. We talk about creating habits and you're either creating good habits or bad habits and today we created a good habit. It's a good habit to get into winning. I talked to guys before about that's why we play the game and that's what we went out there and tried to do today."


ON THE PROGRESS OF THE OFFENSE: "Yeah, we definitely made some progress. We need to clean some things up once we get down there on the goal line and get in earlier than we did. You'd like to get in without having to make that decision between a field goal and going for it but [I saw] some really good things. Some guys stepped up and made big plays; Alex Parsons getting a start, coming in and doing really well against one of the best pass-rushing, run-stuffing fronts in the game. Juron Criner made plays. Rod Streater continued to make plays so there's definitely some progress, but still room for improvement. We still have one more practice game before we get going so we have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks."

ON TERRELLE PRYOR: "I'm just so happy for him; he works so hard and puts so much time in. To have the big plays that he made with his feet and the big throws that he made and the guys step up for him like Juron did; guys have so much confidence in him and I'm just happy for him. Proud of him."

ON ROD STREATER: "He's a player. He didn't come in like he's an undrafted rookie [and] he doesn't play like he's a rookie. He's special, he's special, and that's pretty obvious. He just wants to get better but there's nothing scared about the way he plays or about the way he prepares. He's not intimidated by going with the ones and getting a start out of a senior year where he caught 15 or 19 balls, whatever it is. Just a ton of upside and I can't wait to keep working with him."


ON HIS IMPROVEMENT: "I think the biggest thing was [my] time management. The first thing that my coach Flip [DeFilippo] said when I got upstairs was 'man, your huddle presence was 200,000 times better.' I think that was the biggest thing that helped me was that I could get out earlier. I could get out and see the defense and break down the possibilities of what the defense could possibly be rather than running up to the huddle and having seven seconds left and I've got to snap the ball. So I think that's the biggest thing."

ON HIS TEAM LEADERSHIP: "I [also] mean leadership. The guys look up to me as QB along with Carson [Palmer] and Matt [Leinart]. There's a bunch of times I'll ask a week before that, first of all, I couldn't even see the play half of the time. I was working on that. This whole week I didn't miss one word on any of the plays. I was much better. I was praying on it, getting help from Carson [Palmer] and I didn't mess at all today – I got all of the right formations today, everything right, spitted it out right. [I was] very confident, I believe from the reps that I got with the second group. I think that helped me out a good bit."

ON HIS GROWTH PROCESS FROM THE GAME: "I felt real comfortable because when I was with the [third team unit] I would get like 10 plays in practice. That's not really enough for me that I can really get the feel for it. They say that you win games in practice, and I wasn't winning in practice with 10 plays, it's impossible. I'm not really getting the feel for the exact plays that I'm going to be running whereas this week I kind of did. I was good to get [a few] extra reps behind Carson. It was great."

ON HIS COMPETITIVE MENTALITY: "… I hate losing …that's just something that carries with me. When I play video games people don't like playing me in video games because I get mad. I'll throw and break the controller and go buy another one. That's just how I am. I'm fiery about that I hate losing, when coaches pick on me and they're trying to help me out a little bit and they [point out] what I do bad – I hate hearing it. It just drives me crazy and I just go out and work on it by myself until I get it right. I just hate failing."

ON THINGS TO WORK ON: "You're never good enough. I've said in an interview about three months ago that I wanted to get 100 percent better every day and that's all that I strive for. Coach [Al] Saunders comes up to me every day and asks me 'are you going to get 1 percent better, let's make it 2 percent something like that. That's all that I'm pushing for: to get better. I talk to you guys about footwork and I want to get 1 percent better with that. When [the times comes one day] I'm going to be 100 percent ready."


ON THE FINGERTIP CATCH: "He put the right amount of touch on it and I just barely got to it."

ON THE LEAPING TOUCHDOWN CATCH: "You have to have that instinct, when the ball is in the air it belongs to me and it is all about making the 50/50 plays and I was just blessed enough to come down with that one."

ON QB TERRELLE PRYOR'S LONG RUN: "That is just how he plays. He is a quarterback that can hurt you with his legs and clearly he can still hurt you with his arms. That is just him increasing his game and taking it to the next level."

ON THE RAIDERS QUARTERBACKS: "It just goes to show that we have all kinds of quarterbacks that have the talent to get the job done at any moment. Like the coaches say, when your number is called just be ready to make a play."

ON HIS AND PRYOR'S ATHLETICISM: "It plays off each other. If the DB's are worried about turning around to try and tackle him he can easily just not pass the line of scrimmage and pop it over the top. So I feel like we are definitely going to be able to play off each other."

ON THE POTENTIAL OF THE TEAM: "There is potential all over the field within the whole team. Everybody is just starting to play some football."


ON BEING AN ELITE TEAM: "We can be one of the great teams in this league. We can be a very elite team in this league. We just need to do what we need to do every day. Go out there and work hard and stay on schedule."

ON TERRELLE PRYOR'S RUN: "It felt great just seeing him get out there and get loose. It is something we have always seen from him."


ON HOW HE FEELS: "I've been playing my whole life. I came out early because I felt like I was ready for higher competition. Last year I felt good about what I did, besides my injuries. This year, I did pretty good in camp, until I had the trouble with my hamstrings. For the most part I'm feeling good. Like I said, I have full confidence."

ON THE NEW OFFENSE: "Definitely. In the one cut and go, I feel like that plays part to what I bring to the team. Part of my game is that one cut and go, it's a new look."

ON HIS SPEED: "In my mind, I definitely feel like I'm the fastest guy out there."

ON 11-YARD RUN: "I've been doing it in camp all year. It just felt good to be able to go out there and do it in front of the fans."

ON GOING FULL SPEED: "I was just out there having fun. When you're in game mood you've got to be patient with your steps, but you do got to cut it loose. That's what I try to do."

ON SITTING OUT BECAUSE OF INJURY: "It's definitely frustrating, because you want to go out there. You want to prove what you can do, and you can't do that when you're hurt. I just tried to take that situation and make it a positive and get better at strengthening parts of my body that I needed to and staying there mentally. Just be prepared for today. When my number's called, just be ready."


ON THE D-LINE REINFORCING EACH OTHER: "We got a great group of D-line. We are true believers that we've got the best group in the NFL. We've got quality depth, and I think that's going to continue to show as we get further along in the season."

ON DEFLECTING PASSES: "All week, we've been preaching, they throw the ball at the D-gap with Stafford all the way down the line, a kind of three quarter release. That was on my mind. Sometimes you don't get the rush you want to get on each play, but you finish with your hands up on each play and, obviously Kellen Moore is a shorter quarterback so that kind of benefitted that. Just being in the right place in the right time, I wasn't expecting three."

ON THE UPCOMING ROSTER CUTS: "Of course, it's always in the back of your mind. We're reminded constantly every day, that cuts come after the third preseason game, down to 53 the next. I'm just a firm believer I was on practice squad last year and I'm just lucky to be here. I'm a firm believer in hard work, getting after it, realizing what you've got. Hard work pays off."

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