Reece Discusses Third-Straight Pro Bowl Nod


Q: You're a three-time Pro Bowler now. How does that sound?**

Reece:"I don't know, it sounds good. It hasn't quite hit me yet. We still have one more game here as the Oakland Raiders against a divisional rival, so it hasn't quite hit me yet. But it's definitely an honor."

Q: You're usually pretty clear that you don't play for the recognition, but it must mean something to be going three times in a row?

Reece:"It does mean something. It just means to me, one, that dreams do come true; and two, just having the respect of my peers, the respect of the fans and the respect of my teammates. It means the world to me."


Q: I'm sure you'd like to not be the only Raider going. Are you keeping your fingers crossed that Khalil Mack and Charles Woodson will make it as alternates?**

Reece:"Oh, yeah. Those two guys are Pro Bowlers to me. 'C-Wood' is the G.O.A.T. [Greatest of All Time]. He's kind of that DB that you talk about like the Jerry Rice's and the Michael Irvin's and the Deion Sanders's. Charles Woodson is right there. The only difference is he's still playing and he's playing at a high level. Khalil Mack is at the opposite end of the spectrum where he's just starting his career, but he's going to be one of those guys as well. The sky is the limit for him. So I definitely, definitely want those guys to be out there with me."

Q: Are you surprised at all, given that your use and your numbers are down from the last couple of years?

Reece:"When you look at it, I'm a fullback and my numbers are down from a personal standpoint, but they're still the best numbers amongst the fullbacks. I don't know if I'm surprised. I haven't thought about it too much. Like I said, I'm just worried about this season and trying to get as many wins for the Raiders before I worry about anything else."

Q: So you check on other fullbacks' numbers?

Reece:"I don't have to check them. Do you?"

Q: No, I believe you. I take your word for it.

Reece:"I appreciate that."

Q: For someone who's going to be around here and who is under contract for a while, it must be nice to see some of the young guys coming in and showing what they have…

Reece:"It's been nice to see our young guys be productive all year this year. I believe we have one of the top rookie classes in this league, that has been [seen] in this league for a long time. We have guys starting for us,guys playing a lot of productive snaps for us. Justin Ellis, TJ Carrie, Khalil Mack obviously, Derek Carr obviously, and there are so many other guys that are playing great ball for us that are young guys and have a long career ahead of them. I'm extremely proud of those guys. They've persevered through a lot of things this year, some things that a lot of veteran guys on other teams wouldn't necessarily be able to be successful in those type of situations. Those young guys have matured very fast for us and definitely proud of them for that."

Q: What have you seen from Latavius Murray and how would you describe his running style?

Reece:"His nickname says it all, it's 'Tay Train.' He does everything and has been doing everything that we want and need him to do since he's been here. He brought a good dynamic, a change-up in the run game when he first started running the ball for us this year and now he's a feature back and he deserves everything that he's getting."

Q: What do you think of this format that they have picking guys from different conferences?

Reece:"Yeah, at first you look at it, and it's kind of fun for the fans, but it's fun for the players too because we change up a lot. We're not just hanging out with other AFC guys or different divisional guys, but we're hanging out with everyone, just kind of mixing it up."

Q: Will you miss going to Hawaii?

Reece:"I haven't not gone to Hawaii yet, but I'll let you know in February."

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