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Rivera: "That's what we are; we're fighters"


Q: The last two weeks you've really picked it up with the receptions. Can you talk about your and Derek's [Carr] chemistry these past couple of games?**

Rivera:"Me and Derek have been building ever since he got into this locker room. Me and him are going to continue to develop our chemistry and like I've always said, we're young players and we're going to continue to grow."

Q: Has it just been a matter of more opportunities for you the last couple of weeks? Why do you think there has been a difference?

Rivera:"Yeah, the ball rolls different ways sometimes in the game, and when the opportunities come, no matter where it is in the game, you have to make sure you make those opportunities count."


Q: But in the position that you play, it's kind of one of those things where if the catches aren't there you can affect the game other ways, so you're okay with that?**

Rivera:"Yeah, I tell people all the time, with the tight end position especially, it's not really about the stat sheet sometimes. You can have a great game blocking and that will be in the rushing and the running back department. I'm here for the team and I'm all in for the team."

Q: How do you feel you've progressed with the blocking and everything overall as a tight end?

Rivera:"I'm getting better every day at that. Coach [Interim Head Coach Tony] Sparano is putting me in positions to be able to block on the back side, on the front side and do movements and motions, so we're developing really good."

Q: Coach Sparano said that you guys got beat at the point of attack yesterday. Do you agree with that, having struggles with the running game? What do you think happened?

Rivera:"Yeah, after watching the film, we have to improve on the running game. Up front we have to improve. Those are facts, and we'll definitely do that."

Q: Are you proud of the way you guys fought back in the second half?

Rivera:"Yeah, definitely. That's what we are; we're fighters. We buried ourselves in a hole with turnovers and other stuff, but no matter what happens in the game, it's a 60-minute game and you have to fight the whole way."


Q: How tough was the first part of the year for you, did the confidence maybe fall off a little bit? How was that process for you?**

Rivera:"I come in to work every day with a passion. I'm lucky to be in the NFL. I'm lucky to do what I do, and we all are. The whole team is. That's the mindset we have and we're focused on trying to get a win, but at the same time, you have to count your blessings and know where you are in life." Q: Was there a point where you and Derek maybe clicked in practice? Was there a point where something clicked?

Rivera:"He's the quarterback. He's throwing me the ball, so I like that. Hopefully we can continue this, and we can continue the good chemistry."

Q: Do you feel like there have been more chances for you on the goal line? It seems like you've been scoring from a couple of yards out; what's the key to that?

Rivera:"It's been rare for us to get that close to the goal line, recently, so we got that close and we had a couple of great plays to run. Coach Oly [Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson] called some really good plays and we executed them great."

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