Scouting Report: Cody Fajardo


QB Cody Fajardo

Let's take a look at the scouting report on QB Cody Fajardo according to, who the Raiders signed as an Undrafted Free Agent.


Dangerous with his legs. Effective zone-scheme runner and scrambler. Good pre-snap recognition of blitz and finds hot read. Shows some pocket awareness and will slide to create space. Uses his eyes to move safety. Will take shots over the top against press-man, single-high safety coverage. Accurate, confident thrower on the move. Adequate accuracy to boundary and utilizes back-shoulder throws when necessary. Looked to slide to finish runs rather than allow contact in 2014 after playing hurt in 2013. Two-time team captain. One of only two players in FBS history (Colin Kaepernick) to throw for 9,000 yards and rush for 3,000 yards during career. Wants to be better as a passer. Attended Manning Passing Academy three years in a row.


Photos of the Raiders 2015 Undrafted Free Agents.


Below-average build for running quarterback. Was banged up for most of 2013. Shuffles to edge of pocket to find clear passing lane to perimeter. Takes extra step into throws at times and is late delivering to receivers. Crowds targets against sideline or leads them into big hits. Spotty footwork in pocket. Inconsistent resetting feet and often off-balance when making quick throws. Confidence shaken by consistent pressure over last two seasons. Rushed reads and defaulted to short, quick throws. Missed receivers running wide open downfield. Anticipation lacking to compensate for below-average arm strength. Noticeable accuracy issues throwing to middle third. Very average reading defender on zone read.

NFL Comparison:

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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