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Shalom Luani: "I'm Really Excited To Be A Part Of The Raider Family"


Q: How was today for you? Nerve-wracking or did you know you'd get picked?

Luani:"I don't know what to say. I'm really excited to be part of the Raider family."

Q: When did you start playing football?

Luani:"As a freshman in high school."

Q: Why'd you switch from soccer to football?

Luani:"I just gave it a shot, to be honest. I have a couple cousins that had played football before me and they were really good so that's inspirational for me. I just gave it a try and that's how it started."

Q: Are there skills that translate from soccer to football?

Luani:"I would say my footwork and my speed. In soccer, we run a lot and do a lot of footwork and stuff and that translates to football, and my footwork as a DB."

Q: Where were you following the draft?

Luani:"I was following the draft here in Arizona with my family and friends."

Q: Did you know the Raiders were interested?

Luani:"Yes, I knew when I came to visit and stuff like that. It was exciting."

Q: I know you spent a little time at Chabot College, did you and Coach Del Rio talk about Hayward since he's from there?

Luani:"Oh yeah, he talked a little bit about Hayward, but not really."

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