Six Takeaways From Head Coach Del Rio's Monday Press Conference

Following the Oakland Raiders 37-33 Week 2 win over the Baltimore Ravens, Head Coach Jack Del Rio held his weekly Monday press conference at the team's Alameda, Calif., facility.

During his time behind the microphone he addressed the play of the Raiders offensive line and the challenges of playing on the road for the first time in the regular season.

Here are the highlights from his remarks.

Win or lose, the Monday after a game remains the same for the most part.

"More smiles, but it's still a transition day. We'll go through the tape, which we've done, and make sure we're prepared for tomorrow when we visit with the players on it, and right now we're turning our attention to Cleveland."

**Head Coach Del Rio spoke about the defensive adjustments he would like to see his team make.


"We just need to do what we do, better. I think we took a step forward as a football team. Offensively some of the things we were talking about a week ago were a lot better this week, and we're looking to make that same kind of jump on defense."

He also spoke about the play of the Raiders offensive line.

"They did a nice job yesterday. I thought it was a very physical front that we went against. I thought the offensive line really did a nice job with that."

Head Coach Del Rio praised the overall play of wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

"I think Michael Crabtree had a phenomenal game, and it's not just catching the ball. He made some unbelievable catches in clutch situations, but the unselfishness, the way he blocked on the perimeter, just really, really terrific effort on his part, and the unselfish part is what I really appreciate. Where he's doing the extra blocking, doing some of the dirty work and obviously some of those conversions on third down were huge."

He spoke about the team's no-huddle offense.

"It's a tool in the toolbox. We feel like there are things we're going to be able to do, sometimes it may be to go fast, sometimes it may be to go slow and slow the pace, but we want to be able to play at the speed that we dictate on offense. I feel like we're learning how to do that and we had some good examples on Sunday of us being able to press the tempo and be able to take advantage of some of those matchups."

The Raiders first regular season road game is a business trip.

"You have to travel well. It has to be businesslike in your approach. You're not going to entertain family and friends, you're going, really, with a mission to put all of your energies towards the game, towards your teammates, and doing all you can in your role. How we travel is important. We'll do that and just bring the kind of attention that you need to have as a football team when you go on the road. It's an us against them mentality."

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