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Special Teams Coordinator Brad Seely: "They Have To Show That They Enjoy The Grind"


Special Teams Coordinator Brad Seely

Special teams is an essential phase of football, and Oakland Raiders Special Teams Coordinator Brad Seely knows the importance of putting together a quality group. No matter when, or where, Seely coaches his unit with intensity and passion. Following Saturday's practice at the team's Napa Valley Training Complex, Seely took that same intensity and passion to the podium, as he met with reporters.

Here are the quick hits from his media session:

While the special teams group lost some players to free agency this past offseason, Seely is on the lookout for players to step up.

"That's what's always exciting about a new season, we have to find some new guys. We have suspects and prospects. It's early, so we'll see what happens when the games start. That's why we have these preseason games, to find out what guys do when the lights come on because sometimes they change."

He shared what second-year wide receiver Johnny Holton brings to the table.

"Well, number one, he's fast. He has one thing that nobody can coach, nobody can teach. He can run fast. I think the best thing about rookies is they become second-year players. He's learning a lot of stuff about football. I think he's learned a lot of stuff about life in pro football. Obviously, we're expecting him to be much better this season."

Seely talked about dynamic playmaker Cordarrelle Patterson, and praised his work ethic.

"There's a guy that has a ton of talent. Like we were just talking about, his work ethic is outstanding. He works had. He wants to be really good. Those guys are fun to coach. Fun guys to coach because you can see them come out here and try to do what we ask them to do, and he's really good at it."

**He's been impressed with how second-year wide out Jaydon Mickens has performed in training camp thus far.


"We're trying him as a cover player. Always, he's going to be a little bit lacking in the size area. So, you always worry about that aspect. But again, like I've told Jaydon, there's nothing he can do about that. That was God's decision. All he can do is work with what he has, and he's done a great job of working with what he has. He's really done a nice job in the return game. I think we have good returners, but he's also a guy that has showed up in practice."

Seely discussed how veteran kicker Sebastian Janikowski has been able to take care of his body.

"I think as a guy gets older, it's like everybody in life. You have to keep yourself stretching. You get stiffer as you get older, as I well know. You have to stretch more. I think he's done a nice job of maintaining his weight. He's a heavy lifter, so he's always keeping himself strong. Every year I think he realizes more and more how important those aspects of his game are. He has really worked hard at the physical part. Maybe much more so than he did when he was younger."

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