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Stacy McGee Media Session

Q: How's the volume of information, the amount of stuff, they've thrown at you in a couple of days?

McGee: It's a lot, but just have to take your time, and soak it all in as quick as you can and just learn as you go.

Q: When you were drafted, the Raiders made a big deal about talking about how character was a big thing for them and you had a couple things in your past where its was kind of an eye opener that the Raiders would pick you, but Reggie McKenzie told us, basically, 'Look I talked to the guy, looked straight into his eye, we had a talk and I thought this guy was worth a second chance.' Were you surprised when the Raiders called? Had you talked with them before and how do you feel you'll measure up to this?

McGee: I was surprised when they called, but, like I said, that was something from the past and that's something I'm looking to move forward from, grow as a person, become a man.

Q: And that was the talks you and Reggie had about moving on like that?

McGee: Yeah, yeah.

Q: Why were you surprised they called?

McGee: Because I hadn't really heard much from them. I talked to them at the combine a few times but that was really it.

Q: What was it you think you said that convinced them that you'd put everything behind you?

McGee: I was just myself and let them see what they've heard about or seen wasn't really me or it was just mistakes that I made in the past.

Q: Is coming so far away from home, Stacy, kind of helped you in that maturation process and become, like you said, 'more of a man?'

McGee: Yeah, I believe it does. Getting away from my family, and changing my life and changing the people I'm around. So it will help a lot.

Q: What do you know about this organization and its history and tradition?

McGee: Not much, I'm learning.

Q: What do you think you bring to the table when you're healthy and ready to go? He said there's an issue with the foot right now but that shouldn't be a long-term thing.

McGee: When I'm healthy, I'll be a good, dominant nose or defensive tackle with 3-technique. Just playing inside and stopping the run and rushing the passer.

Q: Any specific reason for the No. 92?

McGee:That is what I wore in college and I just wanted to stick with the same number because that's what you know me as.

Q: You know that was Richard Seymour's number when he was here? Anything to live up to that?

McGee: Well, I got big shoes to fill.

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