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Streater Back in Action


Q: How did practice go today? Did you feel foggy for a day? **

Streater:"Nah. I'm not foggy. I just had to go through the whole process with the concussion thing, but I'll be back out there hitting tomorrow. " Q: You did it pretty quickly. You got through it pretty fast.

Streater:"It wasn't too serious, it was a minor one. A little headache. But I'm back out there."* *

Q: How have you felt about the way the passing offense has gelled? I mean Schaub in particular has looked pretty sharp the past few days.

Streater:"Yeah he's been very impressive. He's been completing a lot of passes. Compared to where we were last year, it's looking way better. This two-minute drill ended with a touchdown.  So I think we're way ahead of where we were last year."

Q: You kinda talk about building chemistry with a new guy, as it comes in, like where are you guys in that process in terms of timing? Streater:"I think we're way ahead. We took the time at the OTAs and minicamp to stay around, throw a little bit, and right before this camp in July we threw a little bit. So I felt like the timing is way better than it's been." 

Q: How is his ball? It seems like its pretty accurate.

Streater:"Yeah, it's easy to catch. He doesn't throw it too hard but he puts it where it needs to be."

Q: It seems like, watching Derek Carr he does put a lot of heat on the ball but it's a little hard to catch. Has he been trying to work on, making those a little easier?

Streater:"No but as a receiver you got to catch the ball regardless. There's no excuse. But it's not too hard to catch. He puts it where it needs to be. He's very accurate."

Q: Coming into the season, obviously you had a pretty solid year. Last year flirted with 1,000 yards for a while, do you feel like you've kind of taken that next step really, that you feel comfortable and confident that you can be like a number one guy, something like that?

Streater:"Yeah, I feel confident, I feel like all the work we did this offseason really helped me. I've been working really hard, just on and off the field, learning the game. Just experience and playing two years in the National Football League, I felt like I learned a lot. So this year I feel like I can go out there and be confident and play fast and hard."

Q: Did you notice that Reece looked different when he came into to camp?

Streater:"Not really, did he slim down or something?"

Q: Fifteen pounds or something.

Streater:"Well you can't tell, he's been running fast ever since I've been here. He catches everything. He still looks the same to me. But I guess it's good for him, man."

Q: What do you think about this group of wideouts in general? It seems like it's pretty deep.

Streater:"Yeah. It seems like we got a lot of competition there, brought in Greg Little, James Jones. So I feel like we really improved at wide receiver part. A lot of experience, with James Jones, Super Bowl guy, a lot to learn from him. So I think we got a solid group of receivers."

Q: Do you kind of laugh when they say there's no number one in this group? It seems like there's a lot of guys that go out and catch the ball.

Streater:"Yeah I laugh. We all know how good we can be. And we got to go out and just play. It doesn't matter who's the number one, number two, when the ball comes your way, you have to catch it."

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