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Streater Optimistic Despite Loss


Q: When you guys look back on the film, why was it so tough to move the football?**

Streater:"It was a couple of mistakes. We had to get depth on routes and something like that, just the little things cleaning up. I feel like we didn't execute to our level and that's really what got us trapped."

Q: What was your assessment on how [Derek] Carr played?

Streater:"I felt like he did a good job for his first game as a rookie. He went through his reads; threw me a touchdown and threw James [Jones] a touchdown. He played like a pro, a true pro. I felt like he did a good job. Obviously, all of us have to get better to help him out."

Q: With the short passes they seemed like they were able to get on you guys pretty quick. Were they crowding up to the line a lot?

Streater:"Yeah. They brought a lot of exotic blitzes. They would leave receivers wide open, it was just us not executing the play, but they played the underneath routes pretty good. I felt like we could have attacked in different ways."

Q: Did you think you needed to stretch the field more in terms of opening the underneath stuff up a little bit?

Streater:"Possibly, but in the end it just came down to us executing plays that were there."

Q: There were some deep shots called, why don't you think those worked as well as they had in the preseason and at different times?

Streater:"Like I said, the different blitzes he [Rex Ryan] brought. He brought a lot of different blitzes and I guess the tempo of the game was a little different. We just had to go out there and just make the simple things and make the plays."

Q: Was it tough to get into a rhythm? I think you had 22 plays in the first half, or something like that, is it hard to get into a flow without a big, sustained drive there?

Streater:"Yeah, it's hard when you go three and out a couple of times, and you don't have the ball as many times as you want. You really don't get that rhythm going, so obviously we have to complete more on third down to keep the ball and obviously keep the defense of the field."

Q: Was the first half a little bit easier than the second half? When you guys started, it seemed like the offense had a good flow.

Streater:"Yeah. I felt like we did good the first couple of drives, but like I said, once we stalled out it kind of threw the offense off a little bit, and then we came out and didn't execute on our first drive like we wanted to, which kind of threw us off even more."

Q: How big was that interception by Charles [Woodson]?

Streater:"It was big. It got us great field position and just to come out and put points up, really helped us out, so that was a great play by Charles."

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