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Sunday Q&A with Coach Cable

Q: What is the message that you give to the guys at the end coach?

Coach Cable: [We] talked about what the plan is moving forward. Tomorrow we'll start back with the off-season program and then on May 18 we'll start with OTAs (Organized Team Activities) and we'll have four weeks of that. Just to give an idea of what those will entail, a little more situational football…just staying the course now. There's been a lot of work. Obviously it has been a productive mini-camp, but there is a ton of work to do.

Q: You typically have one big mandatory mini-camp, what's the rationale behind that?

Coach Cable: I think that the number one issue is to get your team prepared for fall camp. You have the opportunity to have them here for mini-camp and OTAs. We use all those days. I think we get plenty of work. The athlete training and all that is probably more important.

Q: Some of the younger guys really showed up there at the end, happy to see that?

Coach Cable: I am happy. We come out of mini-camp liking the people we drafted and signed that were undrafted. Some guys showed up. We'll see how they handle the next step.

Q: If there was one are you want to see tightened up, what would it be? You've talked about too many balls on the ground.

Coach Cable: Absolutely. You hit it on the head. Number one thing is ball security. At the same time though, we're emphasizing the defense trying to get it out and take it away. So, you're never going to be completely satisfied with this issue. Offensively, that's way too much and defensively you'd like to see them get more.

Q: What does Rock Cartwright do for you?

Coach Cable: He's a good runner, he is a halfback not a fullback type, excellent special teams player that's experienced in this league. We're very aware of him, obviously playing against those guys. So, we'll see what he can do.

Q: How would you grade the camp overall?

Coach Cable: I give us a B . Again, I would be more satisfied if there were less balls on the ground, at the same time, the defense take it away a few more times. Kind of a tough one to answer, but that is it. Everything else I like. I like what we taught, what we installed. The work effort was very good. It was very good that way.

Q: Did you see a lot of improvement in Jason Campbell from the first practice to today?

Coach Cable: When he improved he kind of jumped up. He has been exposed to enough and I think that's what carried him through the camp. He's got some catching up to do, but he's adapted to it pretty quick.

Q: Lamarr Houston is a guy that seems to play with an edge and get under the skin of some guys out there. Is that something you saw from him in college?

Coach Cable: I think so. That's one of the things on film you saw his motor and just the relentlessness time after time and I think that's important.

Q: You added some pieces to the coaching staff this off season. Everyone is talking about Hue Jackson. Mike Waufle's back and you added Kevin Ross. How's everybody fitting in?

Coach Cable: I think good. You guys know Mike Waufle. He was here last time this team went to the Super Bowl and he's won a Super Bowl in New York with the Giants so Mike and I have had a long history. We worked at Cal together for a long time. I like it. He coaches the way I like to coach… just grind and go at it every day. And I think those guys will respond and they're already seeing the benefit of that. Kevin Ross gives us a lot of experience for having played so long in the league.

Q: We all feel like the whole attitude is more positive now and kind of like it is the dawn of a new day moving forward. Do you feel that too?

Coach Cable: Yes, it should be. We have a chance to be a better football team and take the next step which we talked about at the end of the year. It will be a difficult step but it's one where we're all on the same page and in tune with doing, so we should be excited. We have a chance.

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