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T Jared Veldheer Addresses Media


Q:How are you feeling? **

Veldheer: Obviously I'm disappointed that this is happening. Now, at this point, it's about getting it better and getting healthy. 

Q: Was this something that happened on one instance during camp and just never got better or is it something that had been going on for a while? 

Veldheer: Just during a rep of pass-pro[tection]. It was crazy. Nothing too out of the blue. 

Q: How have your teammates responded? 

Veldheer: They've shown a lot of support and besides responding to me, I've seen them step out there and not really lose too much. The guys are working hard. I've great faith in that unit, trust in that unit, and those guys are going to do awesome. I wish I could be out there with them, but like I said, right now I have to get this thing better. 

Q: You tried to go play through a practice and that first exhibition game. What went into the decision; was it just not responding? 

Veldheer: It wasn't really getting any better and just didn't have that usual strength and wanted to check back up and make sure it was okay. Turns out it wasn't. 

Q: There was 10 days between the first MRI and the second one, I think. Did it just not get better or did you make it worse by practicing with a brace on? 

Veldheer: I don't think it necessarily made it any worse practicing with the brace. I think they were able to brace it up good that way. I don't think any further damage was done. I think whatever happened initially was the thing they ended up seeing in the second MRI. 

Q: What have you heard timeline-wise? When can you get back? What's your goal? 

Veldheer: My goal is as soon as possible, obviously. They have to check. I have another follow-up appointment next week and start learning more as far as dates and a time to shoot for then. 

Q: Your intention is to play this season? 

Veldheer: Yeah. 

Q: Were you concerned at all that you worked so hard in the off-season do you worry that you over trained or anything or is it just a typical football fluke injury? 

Veldheer: I think it's one of those things that you don't really ever plan for. The training I think protects all that for the most part. I'm not sure exactly what I could do in the future to prevent that stuff, but I'll figure that out too and add that to the routine to make sure I'm staying healthy and keeping all that soft tissue in good shape. 

Q: For someone who has played just about every snap since you got here and to now be missing time, how difficult has that been to deal with? 

Veldheer: It's strange because it's not something I've ever been through. It's the first football-related procedure I've ever had done. It's disappointing; it's tough. The only thing I'm focused on right now, I'm going to put all my attention to getting after and rehabbing and getting back on the field. 

Q: Have the other tackles been talking to you about what their dues are during your absence? 

Veldheer: Those guys are all stepping up, ready to take on the challenge and do their job. I don't think there's any kind of nervousness going around or anything like that. I think we've got a very focused group and a group that works really hard. Like I said earlier, I have great faith that they're going to step up and do a great job.

Q: Do you step in and give a lot of advice and do a lot of that or do you let them do their job?

Veldheer: I've only been back up here for a couple of days so I'm kind of coming in a game plan week. I haven't really been around a whole lot to get into that position. I'd like to help any way I can. If I can be helpful that way, I'd love to give some advice or share what I'm seeing on tape because I plan to stay in tune just as I would during game weeks. Keep my mind fresh and try to help that way with what I see.

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