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Tell The Truth Tuesday: Raiders Reflect On Game Against The Saints


Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio, dating back to last season, has implemented "Tell The Truth Tuesdays" – an opportunity for the team to discuss what went wrong, or was successful in their most recent efforts on the field.

The Silver and Black rallied from a 14-point deficit against the Saints, and came away with the win in the final seconds of regulation. Players opened up about their performance and how they'll move forward.

Head Coach Jack Del Rio

"There are so many different things, obviously, that we will need to do better."

"Obviously, with that there's a ton of things we need to do a whole lot better going forward, but I think we all understand that."

"One thing we have to do in our league is you have to go forward. We'll have this time here together, rehashing kind of yesterday [Sunday] a little bit, but really our full staff is already gone forward for Atlanta."

"We're going to work hard to have as few as possible. There are some judgment calls that are going to be made and it doesn't always go your way. So, you just keep playing. I think for us, we are a disciplined football team. We take pride in that. We work hard to play smart and we'll clean up where we can and coach it up."

Cornerback Sean Smith

"Surprised? No not at all, I was getting killed. I'm not going to lie to you. It was getting bad out there, I was costing our team points. [Head] Coach [Jack Del Rio] did what he had to do. Obviously, I would've loved to have stayed in and fight that thing out, but Coach made the decision that's right for the team."

"If you watch film, I definitely start off fast, I covered a couple good pass break ups. Like I said, just made some bad decisions, poor technique, and it cost our team."

"Like I said, you play in the NFL long enough you're going to have days like that, and just got to move on and have a short-term memory."

"I'm good to go, like I said, its one game. It's not going to define myself, or my career, or this season, anything like that."

Safety Keith McGill

"I think it went pretty good, there's always room for improvement, but other than that I think it went pretty well. It could've been a little worse, but we came out with the win and that's all that matters."

Cornerback DJ Hayden

"At the end of the day we came out with the win, but we have a lot of stuff we need to improve on. It's the little things we can tweak. We just have to focus in when those plays came our way."

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