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Hello Raider Nation:

My name is Art Tabata. I am known at work as "Raider Art." This picture was taken on the morning of Super Bowl XVIII, January 22, 1984. What is so memorable about the photo is that during the entire season, every game day, my son William (almost two years old) and I dressed in our Silver and Black. We cheered when the Raiders won and could not believe it when they lost. We were ecstatic when they put thirty plus points in the playoffs and seemed to waltz into Super Bowl XVIII. We could not believe the Raiders were the underdogs against Washington, but it turned out to be just a mirage as the Raiders turned Super Bowl XVIII into a rout, defeating the mighty Washington Redskins 38 to 9!

My son is now 29, married, recently discharged from the Navy, and living in Arizona. William still remains a Raider fan. One morning many years ago, he took a photo with his old man on Super Bowl Sunday and we created a memory I will cherish forever!

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