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Jerry Milenbach with Raiders Legend Tim Brown at a golf tournament.

Being 40, I can still remember Sept 10, 1978, like it was yesterday. I was in a bowling tournament that Sunday, and was missing out on watching the Charger/Raider game. It was sad at first, but then after I was done, I can remember going to the door that opened into the bar at the bowling alley and peering in with my Dad to watch the end of this famous game.

The bar was crowded and there I was, seven years old, and standing there, leaning in, looking up at the old TV hanging on the wall and watching my beloved Raiders try to win this game. And win they did -- in historic fashion with the infamous Holy Roller play. Seeing Kenny Stabler about to get sacked, I had to cringe thinking this is over and then he fumbles and my heart was sinking even further. But then, I saw Pete Banaszak try to scoop the ball up but fumbled it forward to where Dave Casper was and he stumbled kicking his way with the ball into the end zone for the winning touchdown. That bar went crazy and I could feel (even to this day) the chills up my spine remembering that moment. Looking up at my father and just being a part of a small crowd in a bowling alley bar cheering and laughing at this incredible comeback.

I am extremely fortunate to have experienced many moments in Raiders history because my grandfather was a limited partner back in the '60s-'80s. I remember Monday night games in the box seats with Mr. Davis when I was very young and seeing the smile on his face when the Raiders won.

I remember just seven years ago, being able to witness (with my father) a practice in Napa and talking to Mr. Davis after my grandpa had died and watching the likes of Warren Sapp, Rich Gannon, Tyrone Wheatley. I also volunteered at a golf tournament about five years ago at Castlewood and met up with my favorite Raider player to date, Tim Brown.

In these tough economic times, I may not have a lot, but these moments are forever etched in my mind, and I certainly hope to continue making and witnessing more moments like these with the Raider Organization for many years to come and also be able to share with my teen children.

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