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Terrelle Pryor Media Session

Q: How was it out there? Everyone out there, rookies, vets, everyone.

Pryor: I think just today it was just get all the [kinks] and all the dust off a little bit. Just get out there and get with our teammates and start talking and communicating with each other. For the most part, I thought we did all great. Some mess ups, I had a couple minor mistakes, but that's definitely going to be the first day and what it's going to be like.

Q: Do you feel like you've made strides since the end of last season?

Pryor: I believe so. Definitely within the commands in the huddle and stuff like that and just becoming more accurate and just trying to get better at that. Just trying to lead from the standpoint of leading and having more command. I believe I got better today, but also I threw a pick today. High ball, just inaccurate. It was a great read, but I just missed the ball. I have to get better at things like that. Tomorrow is another day to get better and don't make mistakes.

Q: Would you say overall that you're disappointed with your day today?

Pryor: Yeah, because you can always get better. As soon as you feel like you're stuck and you're standing and there's nowhere else to go in terms of getting better or anything, you're not going to make it. So I believe I can get better. And as a team, we can get better overall. I think that's the strides we're going to make for tomorrow and then so on and so forth. But for myself, definitely. I didn't think I did too bad, too great.

Q: What's your relationship with Matt [Flynn] like? You guys are competing for a job, yet you're trying to help each other.

Pryor: That's what it is. The best man wins. You have to help each other. Just like the rookie that just came in, Tyler Wilson, you have to help him. You have to help [Matt] McGloin out. That's definitely professional courtesy and the best man wins in that regard. I believe the teammates and stuff will round over who the guy is and they'll know. I just think you have to help each other. You have to have professional courtesy, especially in the NFL, in football. I just think you have to be there for each other and help each other get better and that's what it's all about.

Q: Do you think you guys come in on equal footing? Are you a step behind Matt right now? What's your view of the quarterback competition as is right now?

Pryor: I'm just trying to get better every day and I know Matt's the same thing. He has his strengths; I have my strengths. It's just about us getting better together, him getting better and myself individually getting better. Overall, that's going to make the team better. And competition is great. I just think come out tomorrow, be better tomorrow, and tomorrow same thing with Matt. I'm sure he's going to want to be better and do better the things he did today. That's how we get better as a team overall. That's something I'm definitely looking forward to.

Q: Last time we talked, Terrelle, the Raiders had just acquired Matt Flynn, but it was before the draft. And then they go out and draft a quarterback. How do you wrap your mind around everything and not get distracted by them bringing in quarterbacks and just keeping your focus on what you need to do?

Pryor: I just look at it from the standpoint of just doing what I've got to do every day. You need quarterbacks in this league. Look at last year. We got down to me, the third guy. People get knocked out. It's the NFL. You have to have three or four quarterbacks and they have to be good. They have to be able to command if somebody is down and that's why helping each other, whoever asked that question, is huge because it's all for the team. If one guy goes down and the next guy has to come up and it's all, 'did you help the guy get ready?' You may come back and what's the record? It's a team thing. You have to be together and be all for each other. Forget the competition. That's another part, but this is a team thing and a team goal that we all have to reach and just be together, stick together.

Q: We were just talking to Matt Flynn a second ago and he said essentially that he's not competing with others, he's competing with himself. Is that how you feel?

Pryor: He hit it right on the head with a hammer. That's what it is. You don't compete versus other people. You just compete versus yourself. Every day you want to critique yourself more than what your coaches' critique. If you're doing that…I'm my worst critic, I believe that. As long as that is the same thing every single day, I critique myself harder than what the coaches are critiquing me or if they miss something and I see it, I just have to let myself know that. But Matt's absolutely right; you have to compete versus yourself also.

Q: Been strange at all, all these new faces? A whole new look for you guys.

Pryor: Even from last year, just going back, you see different guys all the time, in and out. Losing guys, acquiring guys, it's almost like a thing – be a great teammate, but also you just have to worry about yourself. When you're on the field, lead your guys. I think from that standpoint I don't really get caught into that because that's why Coach Allen, Reggie, is great at what they do. I just worry about the things that I can control.

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