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Terrelle Pryor Talks Mini-Camp

Q: How did you think today went?

Pryor: I did some things pretty well actually, in terms of protections and stuff like that. A lot of tipped balls today from the defense because there aren't a lot of pads so I mean it's very nerve racking and you get tired of that. You can't really get the pads down of the O-lineman because we don't have pads on, and you don't know if it's going to be a run, and they're not rushing so they are just standing straight up and down and can block your ball. It just kind of makes you mad, but at the end of the day as long as you are making the right precision like Coach DeFilippo said today and Coach Olson, as long as you are making the right decisions. The defense is going to block the ball down, but as long as the ball is going to the right spot that's good. I thought in terms of movement and getting in and out of the huddle for all of us I thought we did a great job. With protection calls, I thought getting the guys going. But blocked ball, it was a factor today.

Q: Terrelle, last time we played a real game you were the starter, yet people aren't talking to you as a starter right now; where do you think you fit in this year?

Pryor: Oh I think it's a long time before, let's go even regular season, I think September or August maybe, late August. It's a long before even the first preseason game so I just think that talk its nonsense and it doesn't matter right now as long as we are helping each other, like I said before. And we are getting better and building team chemistry and I think that's the main thing. We are going to need each other more right now than knowing who the starting quarterback is going to be or who is getting talked about. I think that's the thing that is not very important right now to me that is.

Q: When you first came here you had one offense, then you came last year and you had a second offense, and now this year there is another offense. How much of a challenge is that part of it?

Pryor: I think it's very challenging, but like Coach says, 'it's all about how much you study it,' and I study a good bit. I mean about two hours a night after going home and spending another two hours or hour and a half or whatever the case may be and get done what I need to get done. I think the main thing for us is just getting the protection calls down and just understanding the protections so we can actually sit back and be stress free in the pocket and I think that's the main thing. So, like I said, today we all did a great job. I know, myself, I did a great job in getting protection calls down and I think that's a very big thing for me today that I wanted to get positive and I think I took a step forward today.

Q: When you hired the quarterback coaches this off-season you were saying that what you really wanted to work on was your footwork. You said that that was the key to you throwing good balls. It seemed early on in drills your footwork looked like you had been focusing on it quite a lot. Do you feel that out there?

Pryor: Another thing is, I'm trying to get my elbow up a little more, Coach Olson suggested I do that a little bit better. But even early on I felt good and accurate throwing the ball. I felt good. I missed two throws today. I don't know if it was miscommunication, but I missed two throws today I thought I should have made, but like you said, it's definitely in the footwork and in the placement of the ball. It's so many dynamics of a quarterback to have a perfect ball every time, it's kind of freaky. Just to see the dynamics of all the things that work together. So I pay close attention to that when there's not defense there and I try to just keep on working it as best as I can.

Q: If things don't go as well as you want out here on the practice field this time of year, do you view it as frustrating to you or is it we need to get there by camp?

Pryor: I think the main thing right now is chemistry, and I think just like Matt [Flynn], I think it was Matt today, he had two balls, it was kind of like a deal where someone had to make a play. And that's the main thing right now, we want to be able to get guys to get the ball out and let guys make plays. That's why we have got guys like Marcel [Reece] at fullback who made a catch over a safety. I mean that's mismatches and I think that's the main thing is just building the team chemistry and just building the trust between quarterback and receiver and also between the linemen and the quarterback that the quarterback is going to make the right choice in the protection calls and we are all on the same page with that. And, like I said before, I know Matt had about two balls tipped today, I had four balls tipped today, so I think that main thing is we can't really pay attention to that because we are not going to get the guys down without pads on, that's just not going to happen. I just think we have to get better with our tempo and just chemistry with the receivers and the linemen and I think just going into to camp it can only go forward.

Q: Do you see a lot of development in that sort of stuff in the last month or six weeks?

Pryor: Oh yes sir. I mean Matt is sharp as nails, Matt Flynn, and helps out a good bit. I have a pretty good hand on the protections so I feel very sharp and good on that and the younger guys are coming along too. We are just trying to help each other out and, hey, we're teammates and we're all trying to win.

Q: Coach was talking about consistency, wanting to see more of that in the quarterback, being in sync. Is that in the back of your heads while you are trying to perfect, individually, your game?

Pryor: Consistency, yes, because I mean that's the thing with the quarterbacks. You have to have consistency. I 100 percent agree, and like I said today, I thought I may have been a little inconsistent, but I felt pretty good on the balls that were tipped that it was going to go to the right place and hit the guy right where it was supposed to hit, but you never know. As long as we are making the right decisions, some of the timing stuff may come into factor where we are not exactly in time or in sync with the receiver, but I think that ultimately if we are making the decision, getting the right protection call, all of that stuff is going to come. I mean we are very early, it's June. We've got about a month here or so and little bit to go before camp and we can go hit it home. But I think the main thing that Coach emphasized today, this morning, was that we get through these next three practices or whatever five practices and then come into August and not miss a beat and be right where we left off. So, like I said, the protection calls are huge; we need to get that done. And we are getting there, so we can relax. Like you said, we need to get in sync a little more and have more consistency, I agree.

Q: What do you like about the new offense? What has caught your eye or has excited you about the new offense?

Pryor: We have a great guy calling plays, a great coach to me calling plays. It gives Darren McFadden a chance to get downhill, I believe. Besides that, there are a lot of Xs and Os that are pretty much the same it's just a different lingo. Obviously we have got a different guy calling it than before, whatever year, but we've got a great guy calling our offense and he gives us a chance. He just wants guys to make plays. Sometimes he's just on us. Sometimes if the play doesn't come out as it's drawn up on the clipboard before we come out in practice in the playbook…He just wants guys to make plays. I think that's wonderful just to hear that because that's what we are here to do. It's not going to be the same route that it is in the book, that's definitely what I like about the new situation.

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