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The Lighter Side: Meet The 2016 Rookies


Since the Raiders' rookies arrived at the team's Alameda, Calif., facility, they've been grilled time and time again about everything between the hash marks.

What are your strengths? How do you see yourself fitting into the Raiders' scheme? How's the transition to the pro game going?

We've had a chance to sit down with the newest members of the Silver and Black – we asked them all the football-related questions as well—but  now with Organized Team Activities set to begin Tuesday, let's take a little time to learn more about the lighter side of the Raiders' rookies.


Defensive lineman Jihad Ward:My nickname is Haddy. Coach Del Rio, all them guys, the whole team, they call me Haddy.

Linebacker Shilique Calhoun:They called me Bane.

Quarterback Connor Cook:I don't, but people at Michigan State would call me "CC."

Running Back DeAndré Washington:D-Wash or 'Dre.

Linebacker Cory James:N/A

Favorite Class You Took In College?

JW:Facility Management


CC:Major In The Family

DW:Sports Management

CJ:Criminal Justice

What's Your Best Moment As A Football Player So Far?

JW:Just winning games, winning games, dominating on the D-Line.

SC:Out there at practice with the guys.

CC:Beating Michigan this year on a last-second botched punt.

DW:I think it was beating the University of Texas at Texas.


CJ: **My first start as a redshirt freshman. I had a big game. I had like three sacks that game.

Favorite Musician?

JW:Meek Mill


DW:Jay Z


If You Were A Baseball Player, What Would Your Walkup Song Be?

JW:*Dreams And Nightmares (Intro) *– Meek Mill

CC:Probably a Drake song

DW:Hustlin' – Rick Ross

CJ:*Started From The Bottom *– Drake

Favorite Movie?

JW:Bad Boys

SC:A Beautiful Mind.

CC:The Revenant

DW:Next Friday


Favorite Actor?

JW:Denzel Washington

SC:Denzel Washington

CC:Will Ferrell

DW:That's a tough one, Denzel [Washington].

CJ:Kevin Hart

Coke or Pepsi?






Drake or Kendrick Lamar?

JW:I have to say Kendrick. He ripped that one.

SC:Kendrick, that man is vital.




Pregame Meal?

SC:No pregame meal.

CC:Not really.

DW:Maybe some grilled pork chops, a side of greens and maybe some mashed potatoes.

CJ:Probably some pasta – steak and pasta.

Pregame ritual?

JW:Not really

SC:I always listen to a specific Ace Hood song before I go out, but I won't reveal that just yet.

DW:I just visualize myself making plays.

CJ:I try to pray [before] each game.

Favorite Football Player Growing Up?

JW:Julius Peppers

SC:Honestly, I didn't have one.

DW:Charles Woodson

CJ:Ray Lewis

If You Weren't A Football Player, What Would You Do?

JW:I'd be a D-line coach, being like Coach Franklin and yelling at people, being a comedian out there.

DW:Maybe a motivational speaker.

CJ:Trying to play baseball or basketball

Dogs Or Cats?

JW: I like dogs.


SC: **Dogs


DW:Dogs, definitely.


Michael Jordan Or LeBron James?

JW:I'm going to take Jordan. I have to take Jordan.

SC:I have to go [with] Jordan.

CC:LeBron James

DW:I have to go with the G.O.A.T. – Jordan.

CJ:Michael* *Jordan

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