The Snake Spotted in Raiderville


Raider Legend Kenny Stabler signs autographs for fans in Raiderville prior to the Raiders 23-20 OT win over Kansas City on November 7, 2010. Photo by Tony Gonzales. How does it feel to be out here mingling with the Raider fans?

Kenny Stabler: It's just great to be back in Oakland, to be around the Raider Nation, and to be back at the Coliseum, and the Raiders playing so well. Finally the game means something. Two good teams, the Chiefs have a good ball club, we're playing really well now. It's just great to be back in the Bay Area and to be around the Raider Nation and be back in the Coliseum. Watching the team play over the last couple of weeks, what have you seen? How has it been to watch them come into their own?

Kenny Stabler: I think the offensive line playing a lot better. They're running the ball and that's the main thing. You have to try to control the line of scrimmage, run the football, and I think Jason Campbell has played solid the last two or three weeks. Get [Bruce] Gradkowski healthy and those guys can produce at the quarterback position and continue to run the football the way they're running the football now. What do you think it will be like with a full house at the Coliseum?

Kenny Stabler: For all the fans out there, stay with this team. Come out, support this team. They have the nucleus of a very good ball club. They have a ton of young talent and the Raider Nation needs to get behind them.

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