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Thompkins: "I think we're having a good week"


Q: You had one of the more explosive plays on Sunday, that nice catch from Derek. Can you just walk us through it and tell us how that went?**

Thompkins:"It was something that we worked on in practice all week. We actually had good execution in practice and we figured we'd catch them in that coverage. We actually created some leverage on the outside and they were kind of playing us a lot on the outside, so he released it and as soon as I was came out of my break Derek [Carr] made a good throw. I made a good catch and kept going."

Q: What do you think the main challenges of the short week are?

Thompkins:"I think it's pretty much, just go out there and play football. That's what [Interim Head Coach] Tony [Sparano] has us doing right now, making sure we're having a good week of preparation. It's obviously a short week, but I think we're having a good week of practice, and hopefully it'll pay off on Thursday."

Q: Is it helpful for you to have your quarterback have that demeanor of being very positive and looking forward, even though the results haven't really come?

Thompkins:"Definitely. Especially on the offensive side of the ball, he's our leader. We move how he moves, and as long as he's positive everybody else can be positive as well. I think Derek does a good job of actually leading this team. We all make mistakes. I don't think anybody is perfect. I think he does a good job. I think he's doing a great job and it's only going to get better from here on out."

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