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Tim Brown says Davante Adams is a complete receiver who puts 'a lot of pressure on defenses'

From sporting Raiders jerseys as a kid to now joining the team at 29 years old, this week has been quite a full-circle moment for Davante Adams.

With Adams – who holds three Packers franchise records – in the Raiders' offensive mix, fans and analysts have made comparisons to one of his own childhood inspirations and a Raiders record holder in his own right: Tim Brown.

"I haven't had the chance to speak to Tim yet – or Mr. Brown, I should say," Adams said Tuesday during his introductory press conference. "But I would love to, so if at any point he wanted to, I don't know if he's going to see this, but I would love to talk to him at some point. I can't promise that I'm going to leave those records alone, because I'm definitely looking for that."

No. 17 quickly got his wish to speak with the Hall of Famer, as Brown connected with him that same night.

And on Wednesday, Brown shared his excitement over Las Vegas' newest addition.

"I just love the way he talks about the game, talks about his outlook on the game, his focus and all that," he told Raider Nation Radio.

"It's not that he has the ability just to take you deep, he has the ability to do it all," Brown added. "When you have a guy who can do that, it really puts a lot of pressure on defenses."

Brown knows all about pressuring a defense as the Raiders all-time leading receiver and single-season receiving leader – having caught 1,070 passes for 14,734 yards and 99 touchdowns over his career in the Silver and Black and earning nine Pro Bowl nominations along the way.

His franchise record for most receptions in a single-season was broken by Darren Waller in 2021, and time will tell if Adams will shatter a few more.

Brown, however, doesn't mind if it does happen.

"It's not just about breaking my records, which I fully expect [Adams] to do," Brown continued with a laugh, "but he's trying to win a championship. This was his team growing up and now he has a chance to win a championship for them. This is a dream come true for him."

While it's no doubt an exciting moment for Adams to join his childhood team, Brown – who spent 16 years in the Silver and Black – believes that what it means to be a Raider won't fully set in for the receiver until he can finally put that uniform on.

"It's hard to explain until you actually put that jersey on and go out there on that field," he said. "Even in practice, I think when he's walking out and he sees himself in that mirror in the Silver and Black, I think it's going to be something that's going to take him by surprise."

As Raider Nation collectively waits for the first preseason game in August, the Raiders legend summed up what most fans are probably feeling right now.

"[I] try not to rush life by but at the same time, I can't wait, man. ... It's fun already, and I just can't wait for the season to start."

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