Top 10 Single-Game Receiving Yard Performances


WR Tim Brown grabbed 11 passes for 190 yards vs the Jets in 1999, good for 5th on this list. AP Photo.

The vertical game has always been a staple of the Raiders offensive attack and many receivers have turned in impressive efforts over the years. Check out this Top 10 list of regular season single-game receiving yardage performances.




Art Powell hauled in 10 passes for Raiders franchise records of 247 yards and four TDs in a 52-49 thriller against the Houston Oilers on 12-22-63. He caught a game-high 80 yard TD pass as well as a game-tying 22 yard TD in the 4th.2.


On 10-8-65, Art Powell caught a franchise high 11 passes for 206 yards and two TDs against the Boston Patriots in a 24-10 win. His yards receiving amounted to second-most on the franchise all-time list.3.


Against the Denver Broncos on 10-11-70, Warren Wells recorded seven catches for 198 yards and three TDs. The Raiders won the game 35-23 with Wells contributing a go-ahead 20-yard TD in the 4th.4.


Wide receiver Jessie Hester registered four catches for 193 yards and two scores on 11-30-86 against the Philadelphia Eagles. His 48.3 yards per reception was the second-highest in franchise history.5.


The New York Jets witnessed WR Tim Brown amass 11 receptions for 190 yards and one TD on 10-24-99. He caught a 45-yard TD pass in the 24-23 victory.6.


On 12-5-93, Tim Brown recorded 10 receptions for 183 yards and a score in a 25-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills. His receptions included a game-winning 29-yard TD in the 4th.7.


Art Powell appears on this Top 10 list once again with his seven-reception, 181-yard and one-TD performance in a 24-13 victory over the Houston Oilers on 9-7-63. His catches included a game-high 85-yard TD.8.


Against the Indianapolis Colts on 12-21-86, Rod Barksdale hauled in six passes for 179 yards.9.


Tim Brown totaled 11 catches for 173 yards and two TDs in a 1-2-94 (1993 season) game against the Denver Broncos. The Raiders won the contest 33-30 in overtime.10.


Rounding out the list, running back Marcus Allen with his four-catch, 173-yard, one-TD performance against the Seattle Seahawks on 10-7-84. He caught the go-ahead 58-yard TD pass in the 4th quarter of this 28-14 win.

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