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Tracy Porter Media Session

Q: How does it feel to be on the field Day 1?

Porter: It felt pretty good, hadn't been playing football in awhile. I had a long season last season, so that's in the past now. I kind of feel like a rookie all over again. Hadn't been out here for a couple of months, but to be back out there running around, it felt great.

Q: Early in practice, you tweaked a calf muscle, is that frustrating?

Porter: It's football. You're going to have little nicks here and there. I'm sure there are a number of guys that had a little tweak here and there. It's nothing that's going to hold me back from being out here at practice and being out here with my guys running around. You want to take care of it treatment-wise, ice tub; I just got out of the ice tub. Take care of it like that and let time run its course with it.

Q: There seems to be a different energy out there with this team this year…

Porter: We have a lot of new faces out there, a lot of new guys out there. We're just trying to develop some chemistry. We're out there trying to have fun playing with each other. We're trying to get a feel for one another on defense. I don't know much about what the offense is doing but I'm pretty sure they're doing the same thing. On defense, the only thing we can do is fly around and have fun and that's what we're trying to do.

Q: When you're in the meeting rooms, do you look at your defense with the way they're starting to draw it up and think, 'that's what we were doing in New Orleans when DA was there?' Do you see some of his imprints or is it too early for that?

Porter: He's trying to bring some of those things that worked well for us. In this league a lot of defenses do a lot of different things. So they're going to being some of the things from New Orleans, things from Denver, things from other coaches wherever he's been or wherever they've been. And same thing with any other defensive coordinator, they're going to pull things that worked for the teams hoping it works for them. We do a lot of the similar things that we did back in New Orleans that worked for us. We just hope it can transpire in a lot of turnovers here.

Q: If you had been able to go in team sessions today, were you set to run with the first team?

Porter: That's where it stood as of right now. There's no set person, this guy's the starter. It's just that they put guys out there with the first team; they're possibly going to rotate them. I don't know what the coaches were going to do, but as of today that's how it would have been.

Q: You and Mike Jenkins both sign here, then they draft a cornerback in the first round. Any reaction when you saw that or all good?

Porter: It's part of the business. It happened after we won the Super Bowl in New Orleans, they drafted a corner in the first round. It's part of the business. This is a business of trying to be productive and trying to stay young. You can never have too many cornerbacks. We're going to welcome him with open arms. He's going to have his rookie duties, as every rookie does. At the end of the day, they drafted him that high for a reason. He can play, and we're going to look forward to put him in any place necessary to help us win.

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