Tuck: "We're Not Far Off"

Q: How did the final team meeting go?

Tuck:"It was swift. No goodbyes, just talking about good things we did this year and some not so good things. All those meetings, it doesn't matter where it happens in the season, if you don't win a Super Bowl all those meetings are sad, but guys are encouraged for the foundation that we've set here and we just have to build on it."

Q: How tough is it as a player to not know who you're going to play for next season?

Tuck:"It's weird. I think we're all hoping and encouraging that it's not going to be any changes, but we don't get that decision. Obviously, Mr. Davis and everyone around him has a tough decision to make and hopefully it works out though."

Q: Why would you want Sparano back?

Tuck:"I think an easier question to answer is, why wouldn't I? I can't think of any reasons why I wouldn't."

Q: What else has to happen here? What's next? You've been on a team that has won it all a couple of times? Where are you guys at in that process?

Tuck:"We're not far off. Obviously, you look at the record and you say, 'Well they're at the bottom of the league,' and things like that. I think I've played this game long enough and a lot of guys around us have played it long enough to know, like I said earlier, that the foundation has been set here with a lot of young players that grew up very quickly, especially at the quarterback position. Khalil Mack comes to mind. I think the biggest thing for us is, like I said, taking that foundation that has been set, and what we did at the back end of this season and taking it into the offseason and building on it. The word confidence comes to mind a little bit, knowing that we can play with anyone in this league. When you really believe that, you see the difference that can make, and I can't speak on what has happened here in past years, but I think what has happened in past years has put in certain people's minds that the Raiders can't compete with certain, elite teams in this league. I know for a fact that we can, but we just have to be more consistent. This season was a season of what I like to call a roller coaster. You had ups and you had downs. We have to play more consistent and obviously that starts with our veteran leadership continuing to work with our young guys and continuing to build on that foundation."

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